In the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, a dog by the name of Barbie hoped that someone would notice her while she was confined to a kennel there.

The sociable dog craved attention so badly that she rapidly discovered out how to entice people to come to her front door by being pleasant. As she put her paws through the kennel bars, people walking by would often stop what they were doing and start playing games with her.

A volunteer for the ACC named Manisha Shah was instantly moved by Barbie’s imploring expression and extended paws. She could not resist showing her some affection and did so.

According to what Shah shared with The Dodo, “She is just the most lovely little pooch.” She would flop about in her kennel begging for attention and wanting to be brought out whenever we passed her kennel, so we would say hello to her and give her goodies. When it was finally her time, she pushed her itty-bitty paws through the opening in the food dispenser. She is impossible to resist!

Upon her former guardian’s decision to relinquish her, Barbie was brought to the Brooklyn ACC. Due to the fact that Barbie was homesick for her family, she made it her mission to make friends with all of the people that came through the shelter.

According to Shah, “She enjoyed nothing more than jumping about in the yard and pouncing on balls and plush toys.” “We liked how interested she was about everything, and she loved how cozy she could get with us on the bench,” we said.

Shah had a feeling it wouldn’t take long for Barbie to discover her ideal fit. She uploaded a video of Barbie to Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that promotes the welfare of dogs housed at the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control, and she was immediately inundated with messages.

“They took her in right away!” Shah said. “One of our followers noticed our article and rushed to the shelter and adopted her quickly!”

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