Despite this, Turia was not only able to avoid death in the aftermath of the disaster, but also enhance the quality of her life.

On that September day, there were forty participants who participated in the 100-kilometer event that was hosted by RacingThePlanet.

The competitors were only able to travel about a quarter of the distance when the grass and shrubs in the surrounding area took fire.

Turia was one of the athletes who tragically lost their lives in the fire.

The temperature continued to rise, and eventually the young woman decided to test her limits by walking barefoot into the fire. She was burned to a third degree on sixty-five percent of her body.

Before the accident, Turia was a successful model and competed for the title of Miss Australia. She was also a finalist in the competition.

Michael, a fellow student from her senior year of high school, was her boyfriend.

The young woman said that she had surpassed every one of her own aspirations. Yet, in an instant, everything was different. She recalls thinking to herself during that terrifying episode in the hospital why the doctors were able to save her life despite the odds being so stacked against them.

Turia ended up spending a total of 864 days in medical facilities. She had more than two hundred operations, one of which consisted of repairing her practically entirely charred-out nose. It was necessary to amputate five fingers.

Despite all that was going on, Turia and Michael’s relationship remained strong. In spite of the fact that the young lady required immediate medical attention, he presented his father with a diamond ring and made the promise, “If she survives, I will marry her.” In reaction, he answered, “Well done, man.”

Michael not only fed, dressed, and helped his loved one learn to walk while they were hospitalized; he also resigned his work to devote his time to their care while they were there.

In 2015, Michael Hoskins popped the question to his future wife-to-be in the Maldives by using the same ring that she had been wearing for the previous four years as his engagement ring. Hakawai was born to the couple in December of 2017, making them a family of three.

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