This story once again shows the limitless love that a mother has for her child.

Praise is definitely in order for this woman. When she was still pregnant, she learned that the unborn child had several health problems. More specifically, her unborn kid was destined to be born unable to move once it was born.
One can only try to fathom how the mother must have been feeling at the moment, yet she showed herself to be incredibly resilient.

Mom Refuses To Give Up Her Handicapped Baby With “Poor IQ,” Nurtures Him All the Way To Harvard – Bored Panda Woman Refuses To Give Up Her Disabled Baby With “Low Intelligence”

Soon after Zou had her baby, Zou’s husband began his efforts to persuade his wife. He was successful in convincing his wife to put off going to pick up the baby from the hospital.

The mother was comforted by the doctors, who agreed with her husband’s assessment that caring for the kid would just add to her existing responsibilities and made her life more difficult.

Despite this, the mother maintained her resolve. As soon as she and the baby were discharged from the hospital, she immediately began filling out the paperwork necessary for the divorce.
It was a promise that Zou made to herself that she would be able to offer a bright future for her kid.

Pixelated Planet reports that a single mother in China refused to give up on her disabled son, and as a result, he is now a successful student at Harvard Law School.

To be true to her promise, she had to, without a doubt, exert a great deal of effort. In addition to this, the youngster needs consistent education, which improves both their technological ability and their memory.

Yet, the mother did not give up. She was successful in providing the newborn with all of the essentials.

Already, there has been a gap of 29 years. The little youngster developed into a full-fledged man as he got older.

Despite His Disability, a Chinese Mother Helps Her Son Attend Harvard – Simplemost

As an advocate for the protection of the natural world, Dean, as he is often referred as, has established himself as an original and highly sought-after professional.
A few years later, Dean enrolled at Harvard University. It is now reasonable to assert that all of her efforts and labor have been fruitful.

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