The employees of a car dealership routinely saw the same gorgeous puppy lingering in the area adjacent to the building. He was homeless, and others saw him walking up and down the street in a frantic manner. During a particularly severe rain, the employees at the salon once expressed their displeasure with the dog. They came to the conclusion that it would be best to let him to sleep in their home so that they could provide him both food and water.

The Owner of a Car Shop Has Made an Honorary Employee Out of a Stray Dog That Kept Appearing There – This Dog’s Life

They made the decision to retain the dog since it was so kind and friendly toward them. had to guarantee that Tucson the dog had a place to live and food to eat at all times. Tucson showed himself to be a good, hard-working dog, and he was advanced to the next level very fast! The dog eventually started working as a salesperson for them. Even a badge was presented to him at that moment.

Due to the fact that the puppy was so skilled at greeting customers and developing connections with them, the company decided to promote him and put him on the sales team. It seems to reason that having a lovable canine companion by your side would make the process of selecting a vehicle a less stressful one. Visitors are visibly pleased throughout their time there, and as a result, they are more inclined to make purchases.

After he was adopted, a stray dog went to the same dealership every day until he died, and he still works there. – Today’s Daily Star

The presence of the dog almost certainly ensured that everyone would be able to identify a normal auto dealership! Recently, there has been an uptick in the total number of sales. Naturally, the worker who walks on four legs has his own own workstation. His assistants built up a stand for him, provided him with attractive bowls, and coordinated shift work so that he could go exploring around Tucson.

A Brazilian automobile dealership “employs” a stray dog, who goes on to become an internet meme with the caption “I Love My Dog So Much.”

Naturally, Tucson’s Instagram account has already reached the milestone of 100,000 followers. After purchasing a vehicle from Tucson Prime’s dealership, customers often return to say hello and, on occasion, even present him with presents.

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