Nirvana’s family never invited her to live in an empty lot next to a car wash, but when they left her there with a blanket and some food, the obedient dog snuggled up on her improvised bed and waited for them to return. Nirvana never complained about her living situation.

Suzette Hall, the founder of the canine rescue organization Logan’s Legacy, said that the dog “was laying there for two days.”

The employees of the nearby car wash originally saw the dog lying on the curb, and after they learned that the dog’s kibble supply was running short, they placed a fresh bag of food next to the dog and contacted Hall for assistance.

Nirvana consumed the food that was set up for her, but other than that, she spent most of her time in the vacant lot resting. Even though the depressed puppy had slept for the whole of the previous two days, she was still almost too exhausted to respond when Hall arrived.

Hall remarked that she seemed to be in a deep slumber. “She had been waiting for so long that she was completely worn out.”

Hall crept up on Nirvana stealthily so as not to startle or frighten her. Even though she was exhausted, the dog rose up and welcomed the person who had saved her with a gesture that was familiar to her.

According to Hall, “I got a leash around her, and all she did was wriggle her butt.” “She was aware that someone was coming to help her.”

Hall loaded Nirvana into her vehicle and then proceeded directly to the animal hospital. There, Nirvana was able to have a long-overdue bath.

Hall described the experience as “simply washing away the pain and everything.”

When Nirvana first arrived at the animal hospital, everyone immediately fell head over heels in love with her. Even though they had treated a great number of animals before, the veterinary staff recognized that Nirvana was one of a kind.

Hall said, “She’s not like anybody else.” “There is nothing that can compare to her sweetness.”

They prepared a kennel specifically for her, then helped the little dog get situated inside so that she could begin the process of recovering. Nirvana’s veterinary care team was desperate to mend her damaged heart despite the fact that she had a generally good state of health overall.

In just a few short days, Nirvana was sent to a foster family that would assist her in obliviating the traumatic events of her past.

“Her foster parent really adores her,” Hall added. “She gives her foster mom nothing but kisses and hugs before bedtime.”

Nirvana enjoys spending time outdoors going on long walks or hikes in addition to her other favorite activity, which is snuggling in bed with her new favorite human. The previously worn-out dog is now filled with a new zeal for life, and with this increased zeal comes a great deal of zoomies.

According to Hall, “She needs to get her walks in so that she can get it out of her because she has a lot of energy now.” “She has a great sense of humor and is extremely lively and joyful.”

Nirvana has not yet found a home that will be hers permanently; nevertheless, in the meantime, she is making it clear to both her foster parents and the people who rescued her how she feels about them.

Hall said that “she is really thankful.” “I am really grateful.”

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