It is a well-known fact that cats and dogs do not get along very well with one another. This is the type of competition that has been going on for centuries and won’t disappear any time in the near future. Consequently, in spite of the fact that certain types of dogs are known to be more friendly than others, all of us are able to visualize what a dog may do if he discovered that a spoilt little kitten was sleeping in his warm and nice bed.

This beautiful Golden Retriever just went through something like that not too long ago. Bailey can be seen in the video rushing to his large, fluffy bed, only to find that a charming tiny invader had taken over his tranquil hideaway. The video has now gone popular on the internet. Even if the conflict is real, the poor dog acts as though he is trying to negotiate with the other party at first, just as everyone else would in his position.

Even though he bounces about his bed and growls loudly, the small critter that just took over his personal space doesn’t appear to be concerned by his achingly charming response. Bailey, a dog that is always gentle, attempts all he can to get his bed peaceful again. Even when he bites the edge of the bed and begins to draw it away from the little kitten, it does not seem to be enough to disturb the kitten’s contentment in the bed. The attempt to take the bed away from the kitten fails.

Bailey has, quite naturally, had enough, and he now makes his conclusive move. He makes use of his height and weight to his advantage by lying down on the bed without even giving the innocent guest a second thought. The cat eventually gave up and let her larger pal some room to move about in.

The ‘battle’ comes to a close with the two of them sleeping together like two of the most best friends in the world. You might enjoy watching this beautiful clip down below:

By Elen

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