Meet Smile, a little dog that was rescued from a dangerous situation and given the name Smile because she always has a smile on her face.

The road to success for Smile has not always been an easy one. She was born in a home in Tijuana, Mexico, that was full of hoarders, and she lived there for years without getting the necessary amount of love and care. No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) was finally successful in rescuing the tenacious puppy, and she welcomed her new pals at the shelter with a grin that reached from ear to ear.

“She is responsible for the whole intake crew falling head over heels in love,” The NDLB’s activities are managed by Stephanie Easley, who

At-Choo Foundation in Toluca Lake, California, was the organization that first rescued Smile along with 23 other dogs and cats from their home in Tijuana. All of the dogs were afflicted with a painful skin ailment, but Smile’s condition was fortunately not as terrible as the others. The NDLB team in Minnesota heard about Smile, and as soon as they viewed her images, they realized she belonged with them. Smile is now a member of the NDLB team.

In a statement on their Facebook page, NDLB explained how they had “fallen in love with the optimism we saw in her eyes.” “It seemed inevitable that Smile would help us save the day.”

Smile was carried all the way from California to Minnesota by NDLB with the assistance of Mutt Mutt Engine. The dog was first skittish and terrified, and she bit at the hands of the people who came to her rescue. They carefully transferred her from the vehicle to her new kennel, and she quickly became more comfortable around them.

“Once she was out of the vehicle and not in a situation where she felt backed into a corner, she was lot better,” Easley said. “She was much better once she was out of the van.” “She rolled herself into a ball and lay there, simply watching the volunteers work,” the narrator says.

Smile’s skin condition required that she be confined, but that didn’t stop the rescue workers from lavishing affection on her in spite of the situation. In response, she would smile at them with a grin worth a million dollars.

Easley said, “I walked up to her kennel, and she sat up and smiled at me.” “I went up to her kennel.” “My affection for her began to grow at that same moment,” the speaker says.

Easley made the prompt decision to take in Smile as a foster dog, providing the expressive puppy with a more comfortable location to heal while Easley searches for a permanent home for her.

At this point in her life, Smile is having the most fun she’s ever had at home with Easley. The day is spent entirely in each other’s company, beginning with an affectionate wake-up call in the morning.

“The instant I open my eyes, she’s already gazing at me and smiling,” Easley said. “Of course, it makes perfect sense.”

Smile’s story had a tragic beginning, but you’d never guess it to look at her today since she always has such a positive attitude. Easley can see that Grin is really pleased not just by the smile that is always plastered on her face, but also by the way that she is looking at him.

According to Easley, “the fact that you can see true affection in her eyes is what makes her the most unique dog I’ve ever met.” They have a lot of personalities… When you look into her eyes, you can tell precisely what she is thinking and how she is feeling.

Easley is having a wonderful time hanging out with Smile, but she is well aware that their time together won’t last forever.

“We love her with absolutely everything in us, but we know that we are not the right match for her,” Easley said. “We’re not the perfect fit for anybody.” “My goal is that she’ll get a family that is as passionate about her as mine am, [one] that makes her smile and look at them with all of the love that she can muster up in her eyes,” you may also say.

Smile has been the subject of several adoption requests so far; hence, her friends at NDLB are certain that once she has completely recovered, she will be placed in the ideal forever home.

According to what Easley had to say, “We will find her the folks that she has been yearning for her whole life.”

The sweet dog will continue to forget everything about the agony she had in the past as she spends her days in her wonderful foster home, snoozing with her family and enjoying the company of her new friends.

“Smile is so very appreciative and trusting,” NDLB said, “even through the pain and agony she is experiencing.” “She is certain that things will only get better from this point forward.”

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