Say hello to Ashley! She is 32 years old, the mother of three gorgeous children, and a very motivational figure.

She has always had a hard time controlling her weight. She maintained a steady weight throughout high school and beyond, fluctuating between losing and gaining part of it.

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, I immediately began gaining weight! When I reached that point, I was at least 80 pounds heavier than I had been when I was in high school. After she was born, I would experiment with joining and leaving Weight Watchers in the vain hope of achieving my weight loss goals. It took me three years after she was born before I was ultimately able to lose thirty pounds. It was HARD, and I felt starved. I was forcing myself to exercise and eat very little meals five or six times a day.

Then she discovered that she was expecting her second child, which marked the beginning of her most difficult challenges to date.

“Both the pregnancy and the birth were challenging in their own right. After I gave birth to her, I discovered that I had gained more weight. I weighed in at a little under 250 pounds, according to the scale. I was miserable, and I had a horrible feelings all the time. At the age of 22, I was informed that I had pre-diabetes as well as a fatty liver. And things continued to worse from there! I would give WW a go every once in a while, but nothing ever seemed to work out for me. I attempted a number of different regimens, including medications and tight meals. NOTHING! As a result, I very much gave up and felt like there was no chance at all. I detested going anyplace, and I detested interacting with other people. I developed agoraphobia and didn’t want to leave the home for a long time. Not even to go to the store to get groceries.”

“Then, on a Monday morning when I was waking up, I was in tremendous agony all over, so I walked over to the bathroom and got a peek of myself in the mirror,” she said. “I was horrified.” Who the heck was that??? I was just 27, but others thought I was much older since I was severely fat.”

It was high time for a significant departure from the norm. Ashley took the decision to study all she could about a low-carb diet and then fully commit to it.

“I began working on it the VERY next day. Tuesday, January 1, 2014, is today! Throughout the course of my adventure, I gradually began studying keto and ketosis. And how I had been misled my entire life about the importance of having a balanced diet. To tell the truth, brought up feelings of deceit and treason. The weight was melting off. I felt amazing! I was able to lose sixty pounds in the first year.”

When she reached this stage, she had yet another pregnancy, but in contrast to her other pregnancies, this one was a breeze.

“I’m presently down 87 lbs. I was able to reverse my condition of pre-diabetes as well as my fatty liver, in addition to a whole range of other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and chronic tiredness. I have keto to thank for the fact that all of my labs came back great. Keto really saved my life!

By Anna

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