Dolly Parton, the queen of country music, is getting close to the age of 80, yet despite this, people continue to tease her about how she looks. She doesn’t let the negative comments get to her since she knows that her spouse thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

In 1964, the singer-songwriter first met her future husband, Carl Dean, outside of the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee. They have been married for the last half-century. She was just eighteen years old, while he was twenty-one years old.

Parton remembered the day that they crossed paths in 1976 and said that Dean was driving his pickup truck when he recognized her and hailed her. Dean was a big fan of Parton’s music at the time. Immediately after making his move, he asked her out on a date, but the singer who became famous for her single “Jolene” said no.

On the other hand, Parton welcomed Dean into her home as she watched after her nephew. He made his way to the home each day during that specific week, but he was not permitted to enter the building. The actress described the scene by stating, “We sat out on the porch.”

Parton continued by explaining that once her aunt was finally ready to take over from her, the day after that, she was free “to travel anyplace” with Dean. This freedom allowed her to pursue her career as a singer.

When he had the first available opportunity, he wasted no time in introducing her to his mother and father. The renowned singer said that Dean had an instantaneous gut feeling that she was the one the moment he lay eyes on her.

Ringgold, Georgia served as the setting for the couple’s wedding on May 31, 1966. It was a small, private affair. In May of 2016, the couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, and Dean used the opportunity to make an extremely unusual comment about his famous wife:

“The very first thing that went across my head was, “I’m going to marry that girl.” My next thought was, “Lord, she is good-looking,” which was my second thinking. And with that, the first day of the rest of my life started. The last half-century has been an incredible journey that I wouldn’t give for anything on this planet.”

Dean is more of a spectator when it comes to the Hollywood lifestyle, despite the fact that his wife lives a highly prominent life. In return, Parton has respected his desires and has kept the private nature of the couple’s marriage under wraps. During her visit on “The Kelleigh Bannen Show” in March 2022, when she was a guest host, she discussed the topic briefly.

The philanthropist said that the advice that her mother gave to her was the reason why she was able to maintain her personal life with her spouse and her business life separately. She said that her mother had instructed her to “give away,” but cautioned her to not give away everything and to save certain items for herself.

Parton believes that keeping certain elements of her life secret has been beneficial to the success of her marriage. She went on to say that despite the fact that it was first difficult for her to do so, she had ultimately mastered the ability to conceal information on her marriage.

The multi-award winning composer said, “Protecting the things and the people I love as well as my personal privacy is simply something that comes naturally to me.”

Another thing that Dolly Parton guards are her physical well-being. The heroine of “Steel Magnolias” said in June 2021 that she adheres to a diet that consists of 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent protein.

The successful entrepreneur maintains a low-carb diet during the week since she is very busy with work, but on the weekends, she adheres to the 80/20 lifestyle.

Parton’s diet does not include any fruits or vegetables, but she is open to trying new things in the kitchen and does not adhere to any particular meal plan. The famous person said that she has tried many diets, including the following:

“I put every diet in the book to the test. I experimented with a few that weren’t included in the book. I made an attempt to consume the book. It had a more appetizing flavor than the majority of the diets.”

Parton has also openly discussed her appearance, more notably the several cosmetic procedures she has had. The actress who is most known for her role in “Joyful Noise” said in September 2019 that she is not attractive in the absence of the physical improvements she has made:

“My style is best described as glam with a touch of the country. I wasn’t blessed with natural beauty, so I try to make the most of every asset I possess.”

The inductee into the Hall of Fame acknowledged that she had used cosmetic enhancements to improve her looks and said that she would do whatever it takes to obtain the look that she desires.

While Dolly Parton was on the climb to popularity, she was subjected to severe criticism for the decisions she made. She claimed that several individuals had advised her to change her recognizable appearance if she wanted to go far in her career:

“The most common piece of advice that I have received from others is to modernize my appearance by streamlining my hairstyle and simplifying my wardrobe choices. They would tell me not to seem to be so dishonest because no one was ever going to take me seriously.”

Trolls on social media have made disparaging comments over the course of many years about the looks of the Grammy Award recipient. One Twitter user said that Dolly Parton is “One ugly woman” in their post.

Another person sent out a tweet along these lines, adding, “I’d still motorboat those warlocks, however!” Dolly Parton is so ugly, but she acquired great breasts, was written by a fourth individual, who also repeated the opinion that another person had already made about her being “ugly.”

However, the Queen of Country has not been shaken by the criticism, and she has continued to rock her style since it is congruent with who she is as a person. Even more infamously, Parton is credited as saying, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

In the 1980s, when she was at the pinnacle of her fame, Dolly Parton struggled with a number of health problems. The singer went through two operations in order to halt the internal bleeding that was causing her significant stomach agony and she also had hemorrhage.

During the trauma, Parton started using food and booze as a kind of self-medication and drowned herself in her misery as a result. As a direct result of this, she was left with a raspy voice and was unable to sing thereafter.

During this time, she adopted an intensive diet, started engaging in binge eating, and rapidly gained 50 pounds. In 2017, Parton said that she had a “huge appetite,” especially for someone who is just 5 feet tall.

The native of Tennessee enjoyed canned meat and fast food, and she could indulge herself by eating three pizzas and still have a need for McDonald’s and French fries. Her favorite foods were canned meat and fast food.

The pattern continued until she reached a point when she gained 10 pounds in 10 days, at which point she made the decision to starve herself in order to lose the weight. After some time, the unhealthy routine began to put a burden on her body, and her medical professionals recommended that she lose 20 pounds.

They instructed her to consume the appropriate nutrition, but she had already developed an addiction to the routine when she passed out while performing in Indianapolis against their wishes. Internal hemorrhage caused Parton to lose consciousness and pass out. She was found to have endometriosis, therefore doctors recommended that she had a partial hysterectomy as well as having her tubes tied.

Due to the procedure, Dolly Parton will never be able to have biological children of her own. Her diagnosis put an end to the hope that she and Dean would someday have a family consisting of six children. She was able to get her feelings out about the terrifying incident, and her health started to improve.

Parton said that she was not into going on really restrictive diets and that she opted for a nip-tuck to get the small size that she desired. She made the observation that one should pursue whatever brings them joy so long as it is the primary motivation.

Her spouse, on the other hand, is not disturbed by the way that she appears and has come to terms with her appearance. “He doesn’t care whether I’m big,” stated Parton, adding:

“He was never disabled in any way. He really has the audacity to believe that I am the sexiest and most beautiful lady in the whole planet.”

Parton previously said that “fat females” are everybody’s favorite and that she had been encouraged to shed a few pounds but refused to do so. She also stated that she believed that “big ladies” are attractive. She remarked, “My weight has never caused me to have less money.”

In November 2021, Dolly Parton surprised her followers by posting a previously unseen flashback picture with her husband, to which they responded by gushing over how “handsome” he looked in the image.

In the photo, the pair can be seen holding hands, and the comment that she provided for it read, “Find you a mate that will support you as my Carl Dean does!”

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