This sociable cat is two years old and is still seeking for a place to call home even though he is a real charmer. Mayhem is now in the process of looking for a family to adopt him for the second time in a little under half a year. The ginger fur ball is now a resident of the Lollypop Farm, which is an animal welfare organization located in Fairport, New York. He has high hopes that one day he will be adopted by a loving family.

According to a statement sent by Lollypop Farm to Love Meow, “He originally came to Lollypop Farm in early June after he had been abandoned by his owner.” “He was put up for adoption, but unfortunately had to be returned to the shelter when it became clear that his new home was not the best environment for him.”

Mayhem smiles and gives a welcoming wave to each and every guest that comes to the shelter. This is evidence of his outgoing personality. The adorable cat really behaves as though he is pleading with the shelter workers that go by his kennel to come and play with him by jumping on the door and acting like he is pleading with them to come and pet him. As a consequence of this, everyone at the center gives him a lot of hugs and certainly a lot of plush animals to play with. Because Mayhem is a hyperactive youngster, they needed to find ways to keep him occupied throughout the whole day.

The shelter is certain that someone will ultimately fall in love with Mayhem and adopt him since he has so much more to give and because he is always kind and loving to any human who walks by his enclosure because he is always open and friendly to any human who walks by.

According to Lollypop Farm, “Mayhem has a great deal of vigor.” “He may not be the right sort of cat for just anybody, but we know that there is a cat lover out there that is seeking for a feisty cat just like he is,” the owner of the cat said. “He may not be the right kind of cat for just anyone.” This lovely kitty will undoubtedly find a home that is perfect for him.

By Elen

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