Cody Longo, who passed away recently, will be remembered for his appearances on Days of Our Lives and Hollywood Heights. He was 34.

After her husband’s passing, Stephanie Longo, who was married to the late actor, paid homage to him.

“Cody was the center of our universe. We are beyond heartbroken and broken as a family, the children and I “She spoke about the three young children that the couple had together. “He was an outstanding example of a father and a dad. You will remain in our hearts forever, and we shall miss you always and ever.”

Alex Gittelson, Longo’s manager, also reflected on his “close buddy for almost a decade” at this time.

When asked about Longo, he said, “My heart hurts for his wonderful family.” “He had taken some time away from acting in order to pursue music and spend more time with his family in Nashville, but we had kept in touch regularly, and he was excited to get back into acting this year,” you said. ”

Gittelson continued by saying, “Cody was such a trustworthy, caring, and brilliant guy, and he will be deeply missed.”

Longo’s loss was located by police in a bed at a property in Austin, Texas, after Stephanie was unable to get in touch with him, according to a member of the family who spoke with TMZ.

PEOPLE attempted to contact the Austin Police Department for comment, but they did not immediately respond.

During the 2011 season of Days of Our Lives, Longo appeared on the show for a total of eight episodes as Nicholas Alamain, the son of Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell). In addition, he had guest roles on the shows Nashville, Hollywood Heights, and Make It or Break It.

Longo has also recorded the songs “She Said” and “Electric” in addition to his acting career.

According to Clarksville Now, in January 2021, Longo entered a guilty plea to a charge of misdemeanor assault in Colorado that was related to an event that occurred in 2019 with a girl who was 9 years old.

According to court documents acquired by the outlet, the actor was taken into custody in January 2020 and charged with a class 4 felony, sex assault on a kid. This information was received from the court. (As a result of the plea, the charges for the felony were dismissed.)

According to a police record received by the outlet, he was also detained in November 2020 on a charge of domestic abuse after his wife informed police that he pushed her in the face with his forearm. This information was gathered from the police report.

Iris Eytan, Longo’s attorney, issued a statement on the sex assault on a child charge at the time of her client’s arrest in November. In the statement, she said in part, “The claims made in the affidavit are categorically debunked and disproven by the mountain of evidence that exists. In addition to the proof of his innocence that was shown in the real interviews (and not a summary of them) that were included in the affidavit, further information entirely clears his name “per Clarksville Now.

Eytan added: “This evidence includes the views of a psychologist and a polygrapher who both have a great deal of expertise and are licensed. These professionals came to the conclusion that Cody Longo was telling the truth when he rejected the allegations that were made in the affidavit, that he does not pose a threat to kids, and that the charges are groundless.”

PEOPLE has attempted to contact Eytan for comment, but we have not yet received a response from him.

Longo leaves behind his wife and three children when he passes away.

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