Dogs are devoted companions to their human families.

When people forget that a dog has emotions, it may be incredibly unpleasant to see, especially if the dog is in distress. Dogs are typically the ones that get the short end of the stick and end up being undesired and abandoned. After getting a divorce, one couple made the decision that they did not want the responsibility of having a dog. That pit bull once had someone who adored him, but now he has nobody.

A pit bull of six years old was left behind after her owners made the difficult choice to part ways with their pet and give it up for adoption. One of the organizations that helps rescued animals is now taking care of Halo, a cute dog. It is not difficult to lose hope in a dog after almost a year, which is particularly true if the breed has such a poor reputation for reasons that are unfair.

It just so happened that someone saw Halo’s adoption on social media after she had already found a forever home.

During the time that Halo was living with the foster family, Lieutenant Mickey Curran of the Upland Borough Police Department discovered Halo on Facebook and deduced that there was a connection between the two. After carefully analyzing the message, Lt. Curran decided what course of action to take!

Some canines have a funny and endearing look about them. One of them is the Halo series! Lt. Curran declared:

I looked at her mouth and saw that she had a snaggletooth and an underbite, and I said to myself, “That’s the girl for us!” Curran revealed this information to the Philadelphia Inquirer. I asked them, “Would it be OK with you if a police department rescued a dog and the dog lived at the station?” They answered, “Yes, that would be OK.” I am aware that this is not the norm.

When Tish found out that a live performance of Halo would be taking place at the station, she became quite enthusiastic. They wanted to show how much they cared for the dog by going all out and doing something extra-special for him. After taking Halo inside the station, they administered her oath of office, making her an official member of the Upland Police Department. In addition, she has the distinction of being the first rescue K-9 in the whole history of the department.

When Halo finally gets her police badge, what exactly will she do?

However, as part of her job responsibilities, she is expected to represent the community at various gatherings and events. She is there to reassure folks and to provide welcome them. She is a hard worker but also has a soft spot for being petted and scratched.

After a year of searching, she was successful in locating both her home and her place of employment.

Dogs need a job to do in addition to having a home where they are loved and cared for. It seems as if this completely satisfies both of those conditions.

Halo has a profession that allows her to make other people feel safe and comfortable, and she also has a complete station of people who are willing to do anything for her animals. Do you not get a sense of increased safety when you are sitting next to a dog that you can pet?

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