In Washington Park, Illinois, Jill Henke had just arrived at the neighborhood community center, where she was eager to drop off some cat food. She had just entered the building when she noticed a mysterious pair of eyes staring at her from a distance across the field.

Henke was curious about the dog she had seen on her way inside, so she asked a volunteer at the center if he was familiar with the stray animal. The man claimed that she was a stray dog and that she had been coming to his house on occasion to eat some of the cat food that he had been leaving out.

Henke, who was the director of operations for Gateway Pet Guardians, couldn’t help but feel terrible for the adorable dog. She made an attempt to approach, but the stray was fearful and would not allow her to get any closer.

According to what Henke said to The Dodo, “It was cold, so I felt sad for her knowing that she was fending for herself.” “She was extremely filthy and underweight, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.”

Unfortunately, at the time, the local animal control agency didn’t have the capacity to take in the dog, who would later be given the name Bon Bon. Henke tried calling some of their rescue partners, but his attempts were fruitless because those partners were also at capacity. Despite this, Henke continued to have compassion for the dog, and she watched out for her whenever she had the chance.

In the end, Gateway Pet Guardians received a phone call from a concerned member of the local community who wanted to report a dog that had been seen residing in a nearby abandoned house. The first time rescue workers went to check on her, they were unable to locate her. However, the second time around, they did see her. There you could find Bon Bon, dozing off on a filthy couch.

Still very reserved, Bon Bon did not want to accompany the people who had rescued her. She finally gave in to the persistent pleading of her rescuers and allowed them to bring her to safety.

According to the executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians, Alisha Vianello, who spoke with The Dodo, “it’s most likely that she was just scared and in survival mode.” She had been on her own for such a long time that she was just focusing on surviving at this point.

After some time had passed, Bon Bon became aware that the staff at the shelter wanted to assist her. She started to loosen up and break out of her shy demeanor.

According to Vianello, “Once she got to the shelter and realized that she was safe, she warmed up and was an absolute doll once she realized that she was safe.”

For the time being, Bon Bon is staying with a foster family while she waits to find her forever home. Vianello is overjoyed by how much progress the puppy has made and impressed by how much healthier she now appears.

Vianello shared that “she is doing well and is gaining weight and is a happy pup” as an update on the dog’s condition. “I didn’t even recognize her when her foster dad brought her in for a visit the other day,” the foster mother exclaimed.

Bon Bon is searching for a family that will give her all the belly rubs she wants and will kiss her in return. This is the kind of family she is looking for.

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