When a squad of firemen from Canada reported for duty on that particular day, they did not anticipate anything unusual happening. On the other hand, it seems that destiny has an odd propensity for placing wonderful things in the possession of decent people.

When the officers saw a shivering calico cat peering wistfully through the station window on a cold and snowy evening, they took her inside and showered her with a great deal of love and care since firemen are used to aiding people.

They all thought that she was a lost pet due to the fact that she was so friendly, and as a result, they began posting stories about lost pets on a variety of social media sites.

Because of this, when no one came forward to claim the gorgeous calico cat within a fair length of time, the firemen decided to become animal rescuers and took it upon themselves to care for her permanently. They gave her the name Ember.

They started by taking her to the veterinarian, who gave her a clean bill of health despite the fact that her ears were somewhat frostbitten.

After that, she received vaccinations and medication to treat the ear mites she had. After some time, she had the procedure.

On their Facebook page, the fire department sent a comment that said, “She got a bath and smelled much better than when she arrived up at our door.”

In addition, she garnered the support of local users of social media when she made regular appearances on their Facebook page with “Ember Alerts” like the following:

“Yesterday, Ember had a day of pampering at the Pet Vet in Steinbach” (actually a spay day). She is making a full recovery. Because all she wants to do is play, we have to keep reminding her that she has stitches in her leg.

She enjoyed living at the fire station and was loved by everyone who worked there, despite the fact that it was hard to give this loving calico kitty a lot of attention during the day due to the nature of her job.

According to the information provided in the article, “The station is not manned constantly since Steinbach does not have a full-time fire department.” “Unfortunately, the station might go days without anybody being there, which is quite difficult for a calico kitty like Ember since she requires a lot of love and care.”

They received an overwhelming amount of responses, so it didn’t take them long to locate a loving permanent home for Ember.

“She has truly put down roots here and found a lovely spot that she can call her own. The member of her new family that adopted her commented, “I cannot believe how perfectly behaved she is — just what we’ve been searching for.”

By Elen

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