Hope For Paws quickly traveled to the location after receiving a tip that two canines were living under the I-5 highway in California. Their goal was to determine whether or not they could assist the animals.

In addition to providing shelter for animals who have been abandoned or mistreated, the rescue group located in Los Angeles also raises funds to pay for the animals’ medical treatment and works to place them in new homes. In addition, they were not going to let anything stop them from accomplishing their goal, even a congested roadway.

Eldad, the group’s creator, and Vanessa, his companion, were able to figure out where the dogs were hiding under the motorway and devise a plan to securely trap them. Eldad is also the one who is responsible for starting the rescue organization.

They had to scurry through the tunnels of the motorway in order to find the dogs since they were hiding in there.

The dogs had been able to make it through the last several weeks in the sewers thanks to the food that had been left for them by other people.

The people who came to the rescue were able to corner the two white dogs with curly hair and scruffy coats by offering them hamburgers.

Although they didn’t fight, these two lovely ladies were clearly shaken by the experience.

They gave the idea that they were satisfied so long as they were together, and they strongly implied that they wished to be rescued, but in truth, they were merely terrified. They gave the impression that they were content. One of the dogs went so far as to cover his little brother or sister in order to keep it safe.

The people who rescued two canines showed an incredible amount of care and tolerance toward them.

These were actually seated in rubbish bags in order to win the confidence of the dogs that belonged to the siblings.

After they learned they could rely on their saviors, the dogs were very eager to be on their way and start their new lives.

After getting over the terrifying portion, it was time to move on to the exciting part.

In addition to receiving new looks, the canines were also bestowed with new monikers, such as “Pepsi” and “Cola.”

The dogs were very ecstatic and active after having their matted hair shaved off and being given a wash. Prior to this, their fur was matted together.

The family who cared for Pepsi and Cola when they were living in the sewers came to the rescue facility so that they could finally meet the dogs.

They expressed a great deal of appreciation to Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

It was now time to locate these two a home where they could stay for the rest of their lives so that they could have a happy ending.

According to the Facebook page of Hope for Paws, the individuals at Maltese Rescue California provided the couple with a temporary home and then helped locate a permanent one for them.

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