Our faces are the key to determining who we are. It may be physically and emotionally challenging if you have a disfigured face as a result of an accident, sickness, deformity, or past surgery. Thankfully, the current procedures used in reconstructive surgery are capable of returning your face to its regular look, which will allow you to feel more like yourself once again.

If you have an abnormality of the head or face, such as a skull deformity, facial fracture, or tumor in the head or neck, or any kind of abnormality of the head or face, our interdisciplinary team of reconstructive surgeons can assist you. We are a group of plastic surgeons who are renowned around the country and who all have a unique specialism within the field of reconstructive surgery. Our surgeons collaborate closely with one another and use cutting-edge techniques, together with the most cutting-edge instruments and technology, in order to help you recover function and a sense of who you are.

You can anticipate receiving treatment that places equal attention on the way your face looks as well as the way it functions since our plastic surgeons are highly skilled in both cosmetic facial surgery as well as reconstructive facial surgery. When you seek treatment at MedStar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, you will have access to a group of highly trained specialists that collaborate in order to provide the most favorable outcome possible for each individual patient.

A plastic and reconstructive surgeon by the name of Stephen Baker walks us through the 16 years of a patient’s journey which he considers being one of the most life-changing of his whole professional career. Before beginning the procedure in the actual operating room, he practiced on a computer using CT scans and 3D imaging to do cosmetic surgery. Get to know one of his patients, Kadiatu Conteh, and learn about how he improved the quality of her life.

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