Joseph Burkett, a veteran and well-known journalist, is Lara Logan’s husband. Burkett served in the military. In 2008, when both of them were still married to other people, the couple’s connection began to come to public attention. At the time, both of them were stationed in Iraq.

Burkett was working for the United States military in Iraq at the same time as Logan, a journalist covering the Iraq War, was present in the nation. It is unknown if he was still serving in the military at the time or working as a defense contractor. Even Logan did not know what he did for a living, and he described his job as “secretive.”

The pair tied the knot in 2008 and first made their home in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., before moving to the state of Texas. Since 2008, the couple has become parents to a boy and a girl, in addition to Burkett’s daughter from a previous marriage. Both of their children were born in the year 2008.

Burkett has a significant amount of experience serving in the United States Army. His first enrollment in the Marine Military Academy was for the purpose of completing his high school education. Young boys in grades seven through twelve who attended the private military boarding school were given the opportunity to grow into well-disciplined, morally upright, and responsible future leaders. In 1991, he received his diploma from the educational establishment.

After some time, Burkett joined the United States Armed Forces, where he served until his retirement with the rank of Army master sergeant. According to his profile on Facebook, he used to work for INSCOM, which is the name of the army’s intelligence agency. As Logan pointed out, “Before they started dating, I had known him for around six years at the time. I always had a lot of regard for his ability to keep things confidential in his work.”

In addition to that, Burkett was employed by the Texas National Guard as a non-commissioned officer. In addition to his service in the military, he noted that he had completed postsecondary education at both Pierce College (where he graduated with the class of 1995) and The University of Texas in Austin.

When they first met, both Joseph Burkett and Lara Logan were already married to other people in their respective families.

The beginning of Logan and Burkett’s relationship was marred by scandal, with allegations of seduction and cheating being leveled against both parties. Both parties were married at the time to separate persons, and their respective marriages were in various phases at the time. The marriage of professional basketball player Jason Siemon, to whom Logan was married, was on the verge of dissolving.

However, despite the fact that it has been suggested that Burkett’s marriage to Kimberly Burkett was at a comparable level, this is something that may still be debated. After it was discovered that Kimberly and her husband had been having an affair, Kimberly accused Logan of having an affair with her husband. Logan refuted this, stating that she only had sexual relations with Burkett after the dissolution of his marriage.

Both marriages ended in divorce in the year 2008. The legal split between Logan and Siemon was far less dramatic than the one experienced by the Burketts, who also had to contend with issues pertaining to the custody of their kid at this time. The divorce was finalized in August 2008, eight months after Kimberly first initiated the process by filing for divorce in January 2008. The specifics were not disclosed to the public.

Joseph Burkett Is the Father of 3 Children, but Lara Logan is the Mother of Only 2 of Those Children

Burkett and Lara Logan, who both most recently worked for Fox News with Bret Baier, were already expecting their first child when the divorce procedures between Burkett and Kimberly came to a successful conclusion. Joe, their first kid, was born in December of 2008; he was their first child.

The family’s first home was in Washington, District of Columbia; but, due to a combination of circumstances, they were had to move to a smaller town in the state of Texas. First, so that she could live closer to Burkett’s family, and second, so that she could spend more time with her son, who had been diagnosed with significant learning difficulties including dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. The relocation would enable her do both of these things.

Regarding the predicament, Logan offered his thoughts by adding, “This very moment is the only opportunity you have to crack that code, so make the most of it. I have a strong conviction that it is my responsibility to be there for my children, and I am confident in my ability to teach Joe how to read and write.”

Lola, Joe’s younger sister, was born exactly one year after Joe. Nevertheless, they are now a family of five since Burkett’s daughter Ashley, whom he had from a previous marriage to Kimberly, was also reared by the pair. The age difference between Joe and Ashley is around four years.

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