Meet Sarge, a senior rescue dog with a lifetime passion for excitement that has gotten him into some sticky situations. In most predicaments, Sarge is able to pull himself out of sticky circumstances on his own, but he was recently caught in a canal and need as much assistance as he could get.

Officers Sara Gianino and Allyson Steinkamp were the first ones to arrive at the location after the Lighthouse Point Police Department (LHPPD) got a complaint about a dog that was having trouble swimming in the canal. They searched the area for a few minutes before eventually coming across the dog who seemed to be in distress.

Officer Sara Gianino told The Dodo that the man was unable to escape since the sea wall was at such a high elevation and the tide was at such a low level. “And it didn’t seem as if he could swim for much longer,” the narrator said.

The cops searched swiftly for a place to stand around the border of the canal, but they were unable to locate anything that was sturdy enough to sustain them. They were running out of time, so they picked the one and only choice left.

According to a post that was made on Facebook by the LHPPD, “it was decided that a damaged dock would provide her the greatest opportunity to retrieve the dog out of the water.”

The police negotiated their way along the shattered dock before making a split-second choice about what to do next.

According to Gianino, “We simply stripped down to our underwear and dived in to rescue him.”

Gianino was the one to leap in the water first and make the effort to bring the dog to her companion who was standing on the pier. While she was acting in this manner, a family on a boat who was unaware of her actions occurred passed by. Charles King, one of the members, saw how the situation was developing and promptly into the water to assist others who were in need.

Sarge was seized by King and Gianino, and the three of them swam to the pier with him. They collaborated to pull the 80-pound puppy out of the water as Steinkamp, who was balancing on the shattered pier, reached out for him. Together, they were successful.

Steinkamp was fortunate enough to be able to catch Sarge by the collar and draw him closer to her. As soon as Sarge’s paws touched the pier, the joyful relief that he had reached his destination caused his tail to begin wagging. Sarge was welcomed by Steinkamp, who gave him a couple of light pats on the back and reassured him that everything was going to be all right.

“He was so thrilled to be out,” Gianino added. “He was so happy to be out.” “He had a really upbeat attitude.”

Almost immediately, Sarge was reunited with his mother, Alex Griffin, as well as his so-called girlfriend, Jenny.

The dog that loves new experiences is, thank goodness, back home where he can relax with his family, gnaw on his favorite toys, and take naps beside them. And from this point on, his human caregivers will be keeping a very wary check on him to ensure that he does not find himself in a similar predicament.

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