Toad, a German Shorthaired Pointer, came into a rattlesnake as he was out for a stroll close to his home in Kuna, Idaho.

The poor dog was sniffed five times by the rattlesnake when it had him in its grasp.

“As I approached him, I saw a snake cartwheeling in the air, so I put him between the snake and me, and when I went to snare him, huge mistake, there were numerous snakes,” his owner, Fritz Brownell, told KTVB. “I put him between the snake and me, and when I went to snare him, there were numerous snakes.”

Toad’s owners attempted to get him to the warhorse as quickly as possible, but the venom’s effects had already begun to manifest themselves, and he began bleeding from his lips and epoxies.

The stagehands soon examined him and found that he had been bitten on both sides of his face and on his left frontal leg many times. Additionally, they found that he had been bitten on his left front foot. However, the tower was able to treat him with an antidote so that his swelling would stop.

However, despite the fears of those who owned him, he made it through the ordeal alive.

As Toad makes progress in his recovery, his owners are now spreading the word to other people who own pets that there may be rattlesnakes in the area.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the trendiest thing to do at the moment is to put your children on a leash when you are out walking in the foothills or desert. This is because of the risk of being attacked by animals.

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