Errica was taking her gorgeous dog, Stela, on a walk on one of her 240 acres of property in Maine when she suddenly saw that the dog was playing with something that did not seem to be a toy in any way, shape, or form.

The lady ran over to have a look and was taken aback when she saw Stella clutching an egg in her hands.

Errica remained at the hatchery for a total of 25 days after she had dropped off the egg there.

The only time he finally started to incubate was on the morning of his birthday, despite her amazing attempts to manage him usually quite well.

Stella noticed and stood quietly by her side as the baby turkey attempted to break out of the shell.

She needed to assist her mother welcome the egg into the world since she was so delighted with what she had found.

The bulk of the time that Stela has spent with her buddy the turkey, she has done it with the intention of watching them from a distance. Stela takes pleasure in this.

There is no question that when Stella discovered that elusive egg, Erica had no clue what would happen, but everyone is quite thrilled with the outcome. Stella found the egg, and Erica had no idea what would follow.

By Elen

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