Every day, you have the option to choose to be helpful and kind. It affords us the opportunity to conduct good deeds, particularly for the benefit of creatures who are not as robust as we are.

A lot of people were taken aback by the fact that one young man opted to make a relatively little alteration to the world.

A guy called Fernando Gabriel, who was from the city of Sao Paulo, and his brother Felipe were making their way through the metro station one day when they came upon a stray dog.

The second individual was seen laying on the floor of the subway station, and it was obvious that he was shivering due to the very low temperature. In front of his brother Gabriel, Felipe removed both the sweater and the T-shirt he was wearing. After that, the guy put on his hoodie once again and handed the T-shirt to the dog.

After some time had passed, Gabriel said that since everything had transpired so quickly, at first he had no clue what his sibling was up to. Many folks walking past did not grasp it.

But when others noticed why the young guy was pulling his clothes off, they started shooting pictures with their cameras, and it turned out to be an excellent image.

By Elen

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