Dave Carlson “saw a face peering at me” when he peeked into a trash on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, when he was working as a dumpster diver for a company. The dumpster was located outside of an apartment building.

It seemed to be some type of pit bull or pit bull terrier hybrid based on the puppy’s brown and white facial markings as well as the abandoned Chewy delivery box that was laying next to it. He trembled with fear.

According to Carlson, who works as a waste operator for the Columbus Department of Public Service, “He did not appreciate the noise the truck made.”

He did so with sufficient reason. The noisy front-loading vehicle would have lifted the dumpster off the ground and spilled its contents into the bed of the truck as it drove forward. If the puppy had been placed on top of the garbage, there is a good chance that it would not have survived.

After Carlson had requested help, a supervisor for the garbage collection service named Logan Sieg came up to the flats to provide it. As he entered the garbage can that was stuffed with garbage that was located in the back of a pickup truck, he brandished his hidden weapon.

Sieg asserts, “I lured him in with some crackers, and then I lifted him up.”

They carried him back to a public works station, where they gave the dog, which seemed to be dehydrated, some water and gave him some additional peanut butter crackers, which were the only food they had available for him at the time. They also appeared to be concerned about the dog’s condition. During his visit there, which lasted somewhere about 10 minutes, he gave off the impression of becoming well.

Sieg says that it “almost seemed like he was pleased to be out jogging about” when he saw the man.

Sieg was able to get the puppy to sit by commanding him to do so, which is an indication that he presumably belongs to someone. Unfortunately, the fact that he was found in the garbage gave the impression that someone had abandoned him there. Because of his height and the height of the garbage’s walls, it was physically impossible for him to step inside the dumpster on his own.

Sieg argues that the treatment is inhumane and just cruel.

Carlson explains, “He was quite certainly positioned there.”

The following was said by the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center:

We are delighted to inform you that Riley, who was only six months old when he was adopted, is doing FANTASTIC in his new home of a lifetime.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the rescue of Riley, as well as to his adopters and the community at large for their ongoing support. Together, we have the power to have a significant impact on the lives of those individuals who are unable to speak for themselves.

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