The Holderness family is well-known for writing music that may resonate with listeners on a personal level. Additionally, Penn and Kim Holderness have made a name for themselves by creating songs, song parodies, and skits that poke fun at themselves.

Their wacky tunes are entertaining and hilarious, and they make other people laugh out loud. A recent post made by the Holderness family included a spoof of how musician Dave Matthews would speak about working in the yard.

Kim and Penn’s relationship has lasted for the last sixteen years. The pair has amassed one million fans from all around the globe because to the humorous music videos that they have created about their nearly seven years of marriage. Even their most recent song, “Yardwork,” is an imitation of the vocal style used by Dave Matthews.

The duo is really good at telling tales and adores sharing online with their friends and followers the day-to-day activities that their family participates in. In the lovely state of California, Kim and Penn make their home with their two stunning children, Lola and Penn Charles. The dog that belongs to the family, Sunny, is also very adorable.

A significant number of Dave Matthews’s tracks are included on Penn’s compilations. In the opening moments of the song, he can be seen strumming a guitar while standing in the backyard. He does not assist his wife in pulling the weeds out of the yard, but instead continues to sing. Because they are straightforward and honest, the song’s lyrics make it easier for average listeners to connect with it.

Penn’s voice reminds me a lot of Dave Matthews’, and Kim’s expression is priceless. At the same time, the unfortunate lady continues to remove weeds out of the backyard. In addition to that, she cleans up after the dog and scatters mulch around the vegetable patch as her husband is singing.

When it comes down to it, Kim becomes so worked up that she uses the pesticide to spray her husband. But Penn responds by smiling at her as well. In the last section of the song, Kim is struggling to mow the grass while at the same time singing some humorous lyrics. Penn rewrites the words and perfectly captures Dave’s approach, which is what sets this song apart and causes it to be so well-liked.

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