Siri is a three-year-old dog that is now living in a shelter. She has been there for more than 400 days, and she has a permanent frown to show it.

Siri’s scowl seems to have deepened since the first day she started working at the SPCA of Wake County in December 2021, yet the amount of love she has to offer has only increased throughout that time.

Samantha Ranlet, a marketing communications expert at the SPCA of Wake County, said to The Dodo that the dog in question is “simply the cutest thing.”

After her family gave up custody of her, Siri was sent to an SPCA partner facility in North Carolina before being adopted by the organization.

Ranlet said that she had been left after spending her whole life in the open air. “She had a dog companion who lived outside with her, but at some point, they began fighting over their food.” “She had a dog friend who lived outside with her.”

When it became clear that the two canines could no longer coexist, Siri’s family took her to the local animal shelter in the hopes of finding her a new home. The employees at the animal shelter fell immediately in love with her, but they were unable to retain her for an extended period of time due to a lack of available room and resources.

After that, the SPCA of Wake County came forward to help.

According to Ranlet, “We withdraw dogs from the shelters that we work with in order to provide them with more time to find a home.” “In the end, it turned out to be of critical significance for Siri. She really did need that more time.

As soon as Siri arrived at the SPCA, her new carers set right to work attempting to find a new home for her, but it turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated.

According to Ranlet, “in the course of more than thirteen months, she had eleven individuals show interest in adopting her, but regrettably, all of them fell through.”

Ranlet believes that Siri’s wariness with other people may be preventing her from finding her forever family, even though she continues to wait for them to find her.

“It seems that her negative experience has caused her emotions toward other dogs to become more negative, despite the fact that she used to have canine companions,” Ranlet said. We have made many attempts to socialize her with other animals, but she often reacts by snarling and barking. It seems that she is no longer interested in maintaining their friendship.”

As a result of this, the friends that Siri has at the SPCA of Wake County are seeking a home that will be able to meet all of her requirements.

Ranlet said, “We’re trying to find a home for her that can accept a dog that doesn’t want to be around other dogs.” “We’re trying to find a home for her” “One that does not share their house with another canine companion.”

Siri likes spending time with her buddies at the SPCA as she waits to be adopted by a family that will love her for life. They, in turn, like having the opportunity to further get to know her.

Ranlet described her as “very laid-back” and “not really enthusiastic.” “She is just a sweet little girl who enjoys being held, chewing on her toys, and munching on some nibbles. She finds happiness in the little things that life has to offer.

And every day, her lovely frown manages to tug at the emotions of those who provide care for her.

Ranlet remarked that her frown has extraordinary abilities. “It’s incredibly difficult to look into her huge, sulky eyes and scowl and not give her whatever she wants,” the person said.

Siri lived in the shelter for a total of 13 months, and during that time she spent some of that time living with a foster family. Her placement was not intended to be permanent; but, the sweet puppy quickly became attached to her foster dad.

Ranlet described the experience as one in which “we got to see the side of her that feels comfortable and secure.” “The part of her that emerges when she is in an environment where she is secure and comfortable,”

Siri’s quick connection with her foster dad demonstrated to her friends at the SPCA that she has a lot of love to offer, and she is eager to share it with someone who is really special, despite the fact that the two of them were only going to be living together for a short period of time.

Even while Ranlet and her coworkers at the shelter have high hopes that Siri will soon be adopted into a loving and caring permanent home, they have no plans to stop lavishing the grumpy puppy with the hugs and kisses that she so well deserves in the meantime.

Ranlet said that all of us were subject to her authority. “We have so much affection for her.”

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