Axel is always excited to talk to new individuals. While on his regular walks to the park, the Rottweiler, who is now 2 and a half years old, makes an effort to be kind to everyone he meets along the way. However, there are situations when the kind-hearted dog goes home without a single companion animal or buddy.

Rianna, Axel’s mother, was quoted as saying to The Dodo that “this type of thing occurs nearly every time we leave the home.” “People form opinions about him based just on his appearance, even before they have had the chance to get to know him.”

Axel was just taking a stroll in his favorite park when, for the umpteenth time, his entreaties for love were disregarded.

According to what Rianna shared, “[He] wanted to meet everyone with a bright grin in order to say hello to all of the individuals.” “He couldn’t understand why everyone was making such a fuss over all of the other dogs, but nobody wanted to pet him,” she said.

When the depressed puppy discovered that he was no longer receiving the same amount of care, he seemed dejected.

Rianna shared the following: “He felt terribly left out, and when he arrived home, he crawled into my chest for a hug.” “He felt truly left out.”

You will be able to see Axel receive his extra special hugs and kisses here:

Rihanna is thankful for the people who follow her on social media and shower her cherished canine with love in the same manner that she does, despite the way that the rest of the world treats Axel.

Rianna shared his sentiments, stating, “He loves everyone he meets and taps people with his needy paws so that they hold his hand.” If you let go of his paw, he will immediately place it back into your hand. He is a large, kind giant whose favorite thing is making people smile, but occasionally he forgets how big he is, and I have to tell him that he can’t fit on everyone’s lap. “He is a big, gentle giant whose favorite thing is making people smile.”

Rianna decided that her other dog, Nala, needed a playmate, so she adopted Axel when he was only 8 weeks old. Rianna said that despite Axel’s size, he continues to believe that he is a puppy and that he loves being loved.

Rianna said that the youngster in question was “a snuggle monster.” “He would spend the whole day cuddled up to me on my lap. In addition to that, he has this hilarious habit of giving you a real-life hug by putting his head on your shoulder and wrapping one of his paws around your waist.

When the kind-hearted dog feels that Rianna is feeling distressed, he either gives her one of her favorite toys or offers to give her a hug. Rianna is aware of the size of Axel’s heart despite the fact that others at the park may not be.

Rianna said that “Axel had an enormous impact on my life.” “He is the dog of my dreams and the whole universe. He never fails to make my day brighter, and I often think to myself that I’m the luckiest dog mom in the whole wide world.

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