After just six months of therapy with a dog, Bella regained the ability to walk on her own.

Bella Burton, a girl from New Hampshire who is now 13 years old, was diagnosed with the very uncommon condition known as Morquio syndrome at birth.

Because of this, the young woman was unable to walk, and she never imagined that she would be able to do so again.

The moment she was introduced to George, a large, kind, two-year-old service dog, everything in her life changed.

Within a span of just six months, Bella was back on her feet thanks to George and the attention he provided.

The girl said that her leg muscles had become so weak that it was difficult for her to walk about. “But once George was born, I found that I had an increased desire to go for walks.”

“It wasn’t work; it was more like chatting to my friends and animals,” she remarked of the experience.

The truth regarding Bella’s health was revealed to her family when she was around two years old.

Since that time, they have experimented with a wide variety of treatments, but none of them have been successful.

Then they became aware of service dogs, at which point they made the decision to test one out.

As a result, Bella and George began dating.

The occurrence took place in Ipswich, Massachusetts, when she was volunteering for the Service Dog Project there.

We were at a loss for what to do since she seemed to be content at all times and enjoyed being there. We inquired, “What exactly are we holding out for?”

Rachel was able to discover the identity of Bella’s mother.

She had a soft spot for animals, but the dogs were reluctant to warm up to her at first. Only George carried it out.

Since then, Bella and her family have gradually begun to welcome George back into their house; at first, it was only for the weekend, but eventually, he moved in permanently.

Soon after they started spending time together, Bella and the puppy became inseparable.

However, it turned out that the friendly giant was more than just a buddy to Bella, as he was the one who taught her how to run, ride a bike, and even swim.

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