Sammy feels the warmest and most profound love for her father. When he went away unexpectedly, the Doberman Pinscher puppy that was only 12 weeks old had just started living with him.

The patients’ lives were saved because to the generosity of two EMTs in Fort Worth, Texas, who gave their aid and saved them.

According to the responder, an EMT named Teigen Sliva, who spoke to The Dodo about the incident, “I saw the dog was cuddling up close to the patient, so I took her up.”

The dog is sobbing as it is held in my arms.

Sammy was inconsolable and terrified, and she really did not want to leave the one and only family she had ever known. When Sliva and Kirk, who is an EMT, find out that Sammy’s only other option is to go to a shelter, they decide to take her in since they cannot allow that to be her eventual destination.

Sliva recalled, “While we were packing away the equipment, we brought her to the ambulance.” [Citation needed] Due to the fact that she was caked in dirt, we gave her some water and washed her up with some wet wipes.

While Kirk was finishing up, Sammy was supervised by Kirk’s girlfriend until he was done. Sammy, on the other hand, discovered her new family late at night.

An EMT gives a dog with a shattered heart that he meets on the way to the hospital a forever home.

Despite Sammy’s unimaginable loss that day, things shifted dramatically very fast.

Sliva said that “She is Kirk’s dog now, and she has an older sister called Kelly.” Kelly is the dog’s elder sibling. She is a really fun person who takes pleasure in going on runs with her. She takes pleasure in life.

Sammy will have memories of her father for the rest of her life, but she also has the opportunity to create new memories at this point in her life.

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