After receiving a call informing them that a mother cat had given birth in a storm channel, brave individuals from Indiana raced to the spot in order to assist.

According to McNeal, we instantly observed the water gushing and could hear her moans reverberating through the pipes. In addition, if we were to find a person of diminutive stature, our agents might follow her inside.

A coworker by the name of Ashley offered her assistance.

After a little over half an hour, Ashley was able to find the cat, who had been stuck in the line for over two whole days. In any event, it was necessary for her to keep hold of the kitten as she made her way backwards out of the canal.

According to Mety, the circumstance demanded for an extra 45 meters to be moved. As soon as we were able to get to her, we assisted her in getting to her feet and walked her through the remaining steps of the evacuation procedure.

Before taking the cat, who has now been given the name Piper, to her mother and other relatives, they warmed the cat up with a heating pad and fed and hydrated her with a syringe.

The mother and her children have just moved into a pleasant residence where they are sure to make friends.

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