The family of a public defender from California who passed away while celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary in Mexico has questioned authorities about the circumstances surrounding his loss.

Elliot Blair, 33 years old, passed away in the early morning hours of January 14 at the luxury Las Rocas Resort and Spa in the coastal city of Rosarito, Mexico. Mexican authorities have deemed his loss to be the result of an “unfortunate accident,” but Elliot Blair’s family maintains that his loss was the result of some sort of murder or other act of malicious intent.

According to a statement given by the family, the Rosarito Beach Police Department conducted “little to no investigation” into the incident.

“The family, which has significant legal experience in criminal law, genuinely thinks that Elliot was the victim of a horrible crime based on their first inquiry,” the statement states. “The family has extensive legal training in criminal law.”

The statement goes on to say that “because of the inadequacies of the probe, the family feels obligated to launch their own private investigation in quest of the truth.”

In addition, the family intends to seek the services of an impartial forensic pathologist in order to carry out a medical investigation.

According to the family, a liaison to the coroner’s office informed them that Blair passed as a result of “serious head trauma,” and that his case was turned over to the office of the district attorney “to begin a potential murder inquiry.”

According to the statement, Mexican officials had also offered that his family cremates him; however, his family had demanded that he remains not be burned so that an exhaustive, comprehensive, and impartial inquiry could be carried out.

According to the Orange County Register, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office said that Blair’s loss looked to be the “product of an unfortunate accident from a fall by the now passed from a third-story level.”

According to members of Blair’s family, his wife Kim, who works as a public defender in Orange County and is also involved in the case, has been “offered numerous accounts of what happened to Elliot.”

Additionally, the family said that “The event did not take place off of the private balcony that was attached to their room, nor did it take place off of any other balcony. The occurrence took place in a corridor that was exposed to the air and was positioned just outside the entrance of their room.”

In addition, Blair’s family refuted the assertions that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of his loss.

According to his relatives, he was discovered wearing just his underwear, t-shirt, and socks.

According to the relatives, the couple had been at the resort many times during the previous five years.

Blair was employed by the Orange County public defender’s office in 2017.

John Jenks, a forensic addiction expert who has worked with Blair in the past and describes him as “extremely clever” and “quite adept at grasping the law”. “He gave his customers his whole attention and concern. Simply put, he was an exceptional example of the human race. Elliot was in a league of his own.”

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