“So far, for now, I utilize a teleprompter,” Grant said in an interview with E! News prior to her appearance at a charity event honoring A&M Records founder Jerry Moss on January 14 in Los Angeles. Moss was honored during the concert. “Tonight there will be one. I’m so happy. During the Christmas Tour, I read my lines via a teleprompter.”

The recipient of the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors has said that she struggles with her memory in various aspects of her daily life.

She said, “Honest to God, I can’t recall what it is that I don’t remember.” “So, the other night I went out to supper with an old high school acquaintance of mine. We were in the habit of spending the night at one another’s homes. I said, “I’m ashamed to ask you, but are you and your spouse still together?” and you responded, “I’m embarrassed to ask you.” When she told me that Douglas had passed away seven years earlier, it was as if I had just learned the news for the very first time!”

Grant made a joke about the fact that her explanation is helpful whenever she forgets someone’s name.

She recommended that “everyone” carry out the action. “If you want to make life easy for yourself, simply tell people the truth about how things are.”

The mishap happened when the Grammy-winning Christian musician was pedaling through a park when he hit a pothole, and it should be noted that he was wearing a helmet at the time. Despite the fact that she is currently performing again, she was forced to cancel a number of gigs in the autumn due to her recovery.

In these modern times, she is not only feeling well enough to have just hosted the wedding of her niece at the Tennessee property that she and her husband Vince Gill own, but she is also feeling well enough to do so. But when she indicated in an interview that the weddings would commemorate the family’s “first bride and bride” occasion, she began to get some hateful feedback, which she seemed to have brushed off.

She spoke to People on the response she received on social media, saying, “I never pursue any of those bunnies down the rabbit hole.” “I adore both my family and those women who have chosen to marry me. They are beautiful, but our family is superior, and you should be free to be yourself among your family and still be loved by them. Our family is the best.”

Grant said that the only reason she suggested the property as the location for the ceremony was that the engaged couple was looking for a “lovely environment” to exchange their vows. It was there in 2000 that she and Gill exchanged their vows.

“I do usually say, ‘Jesus, you simply cut it down to two things: love God and love each other,'” the musician who is known for the song “Baby, Baby,” remarked, “In all honesty, from a spiritual standpoint. I mean, come on, that’s not exactly rocket science, is it?”

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