It’s not every day that two individuals run into one other and end up together, and it’s even less often for a relationship that begins in the entertainment industry to continue into real life. However, there are some people who are able to successfully locate their true love from the screen to the real world, and Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward are among such people.

On the set of the 1983 miniseries “The Thorn Birds,” which they were both a part of, the two actors had their first encounter with one another. It had been four decades since their first meeting.

It didn’t take long for Ward to develop feelings for Brown, and she freely admitted that the latter’s good looks were the reason for her attraction to him.

“He had some great pecs. It’s quite chemical, if you think about it, isn’t it? I mean, you know what I mean. During an appearance with the program Sunday Night on the Seven Network, Ward said that it is quite straightforward. “There isn’t a lot of thinking that goes into it,” you said. I had a crush on him. “You know, that was pretty much it,” she continued to say.

However, contrary to what some people may believe, it was really Ward who took the initiative to start things off in their romantic connection.

“He moved as slowly as a damp week,” she said. Really consumed a lot of time. “I’m very sure that I did,” Ward said.

To defend himself, he claims that he just took his time. “Before they even realize it, they’re completely addicted!” Brown made a comment.

While they were shooting their famous series, it became more difficult for them to conceal their love for each other. As a result, certain information about their relationship ended up being revealed on set.

In an interview given to NBC Los Angeles in 2013, Brown said, “I tried trying to pull her arms off of me every minute of the day, but it simply didn’t work.” Brown was referring to the time when her attacker had her arms wrapped around her neck.

Brown said that filming the program was a wonderful experience since it was there that he met his wife. This is in addition to the fact that he enjoyed spending his time in a foreign area and always felt like he was on vacation while doing the show.

“Everyone had a wonderful time. Hawaii was fine. It was a wonderful trip to Hawaii. When I think of that time period, it seems like a beautiful vacation all over again. When I first met Rachel, all that was going through my head was, “Man, am I having a good time.” I’ve come upon this amazing young lady. Oh, I have to get going; I have stuff to do. I need to have things resolved as soon as possible,'” he said.

After waiting another nine months, they finally tied the knot. However, Brown said that he never believed that he would ever get married, and he disclosed that he had informed his mother that he didn’t want to do it since he was raised in a household where his parents’ marriage had ended in divorce. “Until I met Rachel,” he remarked, “I had never given marriage a consideration.”

Brown remembered the day he asked Ward for her hand in marriage, saying that it took place after a “very major disagreement” the two of them had previously had.

“While I was in London, I was working with Paul McCartney on the filming of ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street.'” Rachel accompanied me on this trip. We had planned to spend a week in Ireland, but instead we got into a heated disagreement when we were there. It suddenly occurred to me that if we’re going to quarrel like that, we may as well just tie the knot,” he said.

Cornwell Manor, a Georgian estate that belonged to Ward’s family, served as the setting for the couple’s wedding. After that, they were blessed with the arrival of three children: Joe, Matilda, and Rosie.

Ward’s ability to uphold her husband’s principles, which she believes are the foundation of what makes him such a beautiful person, is one of the things she admires most in her partner. And what is the primary impetus behind it? The mother of Brown

According to Ward, who was interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald, the subject “had an incredible sense of himself.”

“He had always done so. He is completely confident in himself since he is aware of precisely where he stands, what his principles are, and what he believes in. “His mother is responsible for everything,” she observed.

Even though Ward was first attracted to Brown because of his excellent looks and body, she later found out that he was much more than just that.

“In all honesty, I believe that I am one of the luckiest people alive. I was completely oblivious to the consequences of my actions. After those storms (of desire and romance) passed, however, I was able to see him for who he really was: a great and honorable human being. “A guy of integrity,” Ward described him.

“Things may have turned out quite differently. It was very possible that he was a worthless piece of s***. “When you’re in that fog, it’s just about impossible to see well,” she said. Brown said that getting to know the real Ward took him just nine months, and that by the time he and Ward married nine months later, Brown already had a solid understanding of who Ward really was.

“I have a feeling that I know her. When you date someone for an extended period of time, say six to nine months, you have the chance to see how they react to various scenarios. Are they a kind people? Is their behavior foul? Do you find these amusing? All of that material is expelled. For the simple reason that you are leading a life. You are now observing. You can get a very solid sense from it,” Brown said.

Brown is most thankful for the friendship that she and her husband formed throughout the course of their time together on the program, which ultimately resulted in their union for all of their lives.

It’s incredible to imagine that Rachel and I have been married for over 40 years already. You just cannot minimize the enormous impact that the concert had all around the globe. But regardless of the professional prospects that resulted from it, I will be eternally thankful to it for giving me a family and a marriage that has lasted four decades, as he said to The Mirror.

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