On Monday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds star shared the news that he is going to become a father for the very first time at the age of 52. Later, he posted a video from the extravagant gender reveal celebration, in which he revealed that his co-star in this major production is the model Jesiree Dizon. He also discussed the meaningful link to the baby’s due date of February 8th.

The former soap opera actor made the announcement on the talk show in front of a live audience, who clapped enthusiastically as he did so. “Shemar Moore is going to be a daddy,” he said.

The well-known bachelor said, “I was concerned for a time that maybe the opportunity to do so had passed, as the expression goes. God had my back. Everything fell into place. It is going to be the most enjoyable experience of [my life]. Even though I have a relatively wonderful existence, I am certain that when I have this experience, I will be able to enter paradise in its entirety.”

Moore said that the due date of the baby would fall on the third anniversary of the passing of his mother, Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore.

He referred to her as his “mother, greatest friend, and partner in crime,” and he expressed his regret that she was unable to be there by saying, “I’m sad she can’t be here.” He predicted that this youngster will “make one of her dreams come true.”

Moore did not announce the name of the baby’s mom on the talk program; however, he did reveal it on social media shortly after the show ended in a post he made about the extravagant party they threw to discover the sex of the baby. During the course of the celebration, a helicopter hovered in the sky and released a cloud of pink smoke.

Moore told me that your son has been having butterflies. “This is a really important day. This day will go down in history.”

He mentioned Dizon in the article, and she showed up on the video to share her delight with everyone else. Dizon, who already has a son and a daughter from previous marriages, has said that if they produce a son, they will not have any more children and would consider themselves “one and done.” However, if they produce a girl, it is likely that they would attempt to have another child after that. On the other hand, she said that all she really wants is a healthy baby for her child.

The soon-to-be mother, who has previously made guest appearances on episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and CSI: New York, shared her sentiments, saying, “I’m just so eager for this chapter of our lives together.”

After it was made clear what had happened, the couple embraced one another while Dizon cradled her child in her arms. Moore proudly displayed a T-shirt that said “girl dad” and seemed overjoyed.

Moore said in the video’s description for Instagram: “Mama’s beaming from Heaven … Miracles happen … The most exciting time in my life is just around the corner.” The fact that Moore is finally going to have a baby girl was not missed on the commentators since he has used the tagline “baby girl” for a long time, even for a clothing line.

Moore, who had his acting debut on The Young and the Restless in the 1990s, has never been married and does not have any children, despite the fact that he has said for a long time that doing so has been a lifelong goal of his. During the year 2016, he said to TV Line, “My life needs more harmony and equilibrium. I like what I do for a career, and I enjoy it all the way from “action” to “cut,” but I also want to be able to take my dogs for walks, go on vacation, get married, and have children. The schedule that we have makes it difficult to strike a balance, which is something I strive for.”

His ex-girlfriends have included celebrities such as Halle Berry and Toni Braxton.

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