There is no greater high than seeing the joy on the face of a complete stranger. Because of this, Connie, an elderly Labrador who lives in Brighton, England, finds it quite relaxing to sit outside her home on a daily basis and watch her neighbors go about their business.

When they see Connie and her wagging tail, they can’t help but grin, but when they read the placards that are hanging over her head, their faces light up even more.

Becky Albon, one of Connie’s neighbors, was going home with her husband one day when she saw the adorable puppy laying on her outside bed for the first time. It was a memorable moment for both of them. When Connie first saw the pair, she immediately brightened up.

When Albon got near enough to the sign to be able to read it, that’s when she realized why.

The banners that were hung over Connie’s bed included one that said, “Free Cuddles: I’m Old and Arthritic, but I Still Have Lots of Love to Share.” The second sign, which repeated the feeling expressed in the first, said, “I’m extremely elderly and feeble, but enjoy affection.” Both signs came to a conclusion with a heartfelt farewell — “Love, Connie.”

Albon and her husband made the decision to sit with Connie for five minutes before carrying on with their stroll. They did not need any more persuasion to get to this conclusion.

According to what Albon shared with The Dodo, “she was quite kind and glad to meet us.” Even allowing us to massage her tummy, she was really accommodating.

The Albons stopping to pat Connie caused her happy little tail to beat back and forth as she reveled in the attention. The only thing that could get her more pumped up as if she saw any of her neighbors walking by.

Albon described her behavior by describing how she would wag her tail at everybody who walked by. “And she had a really nice demeanor.”

The Albons were able to see that Connie cherished each and every second of their time spent together. And Albon shared that she felt the same way about seeing Connie, which many of their other neighbors would most likely confirm.

The senior dog, Connie, may be seen lounging inside her family’s house when she isn’t sitting on her front porch and giving free hugs and kisses to the people who live nearby. These are the people who know her the best and give her the most affection.

Her neighbors look forward to the sunny weather so that they can share an occasion with their favorite local dog.

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