Christmas has been Luna’s favorite holiday ever since she was a little kitten, and now that she’s 17 years old, she still looks forward to celebrating it every year.

According to Shawn Meyer, Luna’s mother, in an interview with The Dodo, “She’s usually hovering around the tree, and intrigued about the ornaments.” “She never makes an attempt to harm the tree.”

Every year, Luna can’t wait to get a good look at the Christmas decorations, and her favorite part is definitely the lights. She has always had a strange fixation with the lights, and she usually appears upset when her parents take them down again after the holiday season.

“She would gaze at us as we put them away as if she was wondering why we had to do it,” Meyer said.

Because Luna is now far into her senior years, it is difficult to predict how many more Christmases she will have. As a result, her parents came to the conclusion that they wanted to do something special for her to give her the impression that it is always Christmastime.

Her parents recognized that Luna’s unique cat tree, which really has branches and leaves flowing through it, would be the ideal spot to add some permanent Christmas lights and so they did.

Meyer said that the notion of permanently installing lights was something that came to him in the rush of the moment. The rainbow curtain lights were a present to us, but unfortunately, we do not have any curtains. After giving it some thought, I realized that we already had the ideal location for them, one in which they would be appreciated.

While Luna was sleeping elsewhere, her parents transformed her cat tree into the most enchanted area, and when she came back to check it out, she was overjoyed at what she found there.

According to Meyer, “She cannot hear, therefore she slept through the whole process of installing the new lights since she is deaf.” Therefore, she was taken aback by it completely. And she seemed to take great pleasure in it!”

Luna seems to be overjoyed by the fact that she is able to celebrate Christmas at any time of the year, and it is clear that her cat tree is her favorite location to hang out.

According to Meyer, “it’s every piece of enjoyment and comfort we could think of giving her, and at this point, she pretty much lives in the tree.” “She likes it so much that she even eats her meals in it.”

As Meyer saw Luna perched on her tree, she couldn’t help but conjure up a fantastical tale in her brain about a senior cat named Luna who loves Christmas so much that some enchanted fairies transformed her cat tree into a sparkling paradise. She has even begun the process of creating a children’s book about Luna and her enchanted tree, which she shared on Facebook after she came up with the story and uploaded it there.

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