Young folks, pay attention: the following demonstrates what it takes to be successful in life.

Grandma Maria, who is known for her generosity and kindness, recently celebrated her 89th birthday at her home in Brazil. Nevertheless, it was in no way a charming occurrence.

The majority of folks were only able to conjure up images of the celebration in their heads.

“There are a lot of people in the home!” The information was provided by Maria’s daughter, Vitoria Abencoada, to The Dodo. “She loves sharing her home with many creatures. She loves being able to snuggle up with them.

Therefore, it was only reasonable to assume that all of those pups would celebrate Maria’s birthday by having a party. As soon as the festivities started, Maria invited her pets to join her at the table. There is no way that a birthday party could be considered a proper celebration if a birthday song wasn’t played.

Because of all of the love that was directed at her, Grandma Maria shone like the sun.

It was just perfect:

The dogs had a great time running around and playing games during Grandma’s birthday! Abencoada stated. They are welcomed into the fold and made to feel at home here. They are involved in every aspect of it.” ‘

Over the course of her long life, Grandma Maria has surely had the opportunity to indulge in a good number of joyful occasions and occasions for celebration. It’s possible that there are too many to count.

But after 89 years, things only keep getting better for her because of the affection that animals have for her and the love that she has for them.

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