Chloe was left alone at the sanctuary, and as a consequence, she suffers from chronic anxiety and has a hard time putting her faith in other people. In an effort to evade everyone, she crouches down and buries her hands in the corner of the sanctuary.

The Instagram account run by Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs is how Chloe was brought to the attention of Shira, who works at Animal Rescue Mission. They were holding out hope that her former owner will get her from the refuge in the near future.

Or, in the event that they don’t, they are looking for kindhearted people who would be willing to take in the stray dog.
And someone stepped up! A mutual friend introduced Darvish and Shira so that Darvish could take care of Chloe and remove her from the stressful sanctuary.

The message about Chloe was published on the internet approximately a week and a half after Shira, Darvish, and Karl, who is a dog trainer, traveled to the sanctuary to retrieve Chloe.

At first, she was against the idea of going. She couldn’t decide whether or not she should leave the building, so she kept glancing out the door.

Shira grabbed Chloe’s leash in her hand and tried to encourage the dog to emerge from the house. Chloe was so apprehensive that Darvish went as far as sitting down on the ground to reassure her.

Chloe finally had enough faith in Shira and Darvish to follow them out the door after they gave her a few nudges in the right direction.

When she finally decided to get in the automobile on her own, her condition was not good when she did so. The roads that they traveled on were rather rough, and as a result, she experienced a fresh wave of terror. She looked about for a place where she could take cover, but she couldn’t locate any.

She ultimately resolved to do nothing more than snuggle up in the backseat with Shira, who continued to caress her.

Shira did all in her power to put Chloe’s anxiety at ease. And it was successful! Chloe was getting closer and closer to Shira at a rapid pace. Even more, she gave Shira a peck on the cheek!

However, when they got to Darvish’s home, they encountered still another difficulty.

Chloe had really just finished making herself at home in Darvish’s vehicle. And at this point, she wanted to get some fresh air and visit a location that was completely new to her.

They did not want to coerce Chloe into stepping out of the vehicle, so they waited for her to indicate that she intended to do so on her own before acting.

Chloe exited the vehicle and entered Darvish’s home one hour later after their conversation had concluded.

Darvish said that they just did not restrict her movement inside the home. “She maneuvered her way into this nook in my bedroom, and she flatly refused to emerge from that nook,” I said. Therefore, I decided to let her remain for the first day, which is how we got things started.

He positioned her bed such that it faced the edge so that she would feel comfortable. After that, on the third day, he sat down next to her in an adjacent seat. He was able to spend the whole day there with her since he worked from the comfort of his own home. He wanted to reassure her that everything was going to work out for the best and that he would never do anything to harm her.

A few days later, he found out that Chloe had begun to trust him and had begun to feel a connection to him.

She would follow him everywhere he went, no matter where it was. She would definitely remain by his side even when he was engaged in his task. Darvish was aware that he was unable to give her up at this time.

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