In the upcoming series Mammals that James Corden is producing for Amazon Prime Video, he may portray a character named Jamie, although he claims that the real-life chef Jamie Oliver did not serve as his model.

The presenter of The Late Late Show recently spoke with The Times about his upcoming “darkly humorous drama series,” which will make its debut on November 11. The series will consist of six episodes. Mammals follow the character of Corden, “whose world implodes when he finds stunning facts about his pregnant wife, Amandine (Melia Kreiling),” according to a press release. The drama combines “magical realism” and reveals the complexities of marriage and loyalty.

Corden’s shot dismissed the notion that his famous chef character, Jamie Oliver, was based on Jamie Oliver when he was asked if Oliver was influenced by Oliver. During an interview with the publication, he stated, “I promise you That Jamie Oliver was in no way the inspiration for Mammals.”

The reporter for The New York Times drew a comparison between Corden’s character, who travels about on a scooter, and the other British chef, who is known to ride around on a motorized set of wheels. Corden’s character rides around on a scooter. Corden would not back down from his allegation and continued to state, “Jamie Oliver was on a moped.”

On Wednesday night, at the screening of Mammals in West Hollywood, Corden spoke with PEOPLE about the film. He responded honestly when asked if he had any experience working in a kitchen to prepare for the job of one of his characters.

He responded by saying, “Well, to tell you the truth, not really, since it’s a pretty little part of the performance really.”

He continued by saying, “I think it’s more about the fact that he’s simply at a stage in his life where everything is coming to a head.”

Corden addressed the restaurant incident that he was involved in one month ago in a story that was published in The Times. Before the broadcast of the edition of his show, The Late Late Show, in which he promised to apologize to the restaurant employees in person, he gave an interview with the outlet.

In a text message to a reporter from The Times, he told the journalist, “It’s been the weirdest time.” “I mean, that’s just so strange. I have never yelled at anyone, I have never shouted, I have never called someone a name, I have never cursed, I have never used insulting language… How could this possibly be a thing? And would that be fine? And at this point, there is no longer any doubt about it. despite the fact that the person who posted the story was nowhere to be found. Just so strange.”

Additionally, he offered his thoughts on the egg yolk omelet that was returned. “In addition, you should know that [my wife] has an allergy to egg whites, which is the reason I had to send the omelet back. Because of this, we decided to have an omelet made with egg yolks. But she actually said, “But don’t worry if you can’t manage it,” which was very comforting “he continued.

On October 25, James Corden addressed the criticism that he received when it was reported that the owner of a restaurant in New York City called him “the rudest customer to my Balthazar employees since the restaurant started 25 years ago.” Keith McNally made the statement. After going ahead and banning him, McNally later changed his mind after Corden called to apologize for the incident.

The host of the late-night talk show assured his audience that it was never his “intention” to make those at the New York City restaurant upset, and he stated that he would like to apologize to them in person if he is permitted to return to the institution.

“The previous week, there were rumors going about that I had been kicked out of a restaurant. “And at the moment I pondered tweeting about it or Instagramming about it,” he remarked at the opening of his show, adding that he likes to have a “British approach” about things, which includes sayings such as “Keep calm and keep on” and “Never complain, never explain.””

On the other hand, he continued, “My father reminded me of this fact on Saturday, telling me, “Son, well, you did complain, so you might need to explain.” Listen, when you screw up, you have to own up to it and accept responsibility for it. As a result, I decided that I would discuss what took place with you, provided that this is OK.”

Corden stated that while he and his guests were out to dinner in New York City at one of his “absolutely favorite restaurants,” his wife Julia Carey was served a dish that “she was allergic to” despite the fact that Corden had previously explained Julia’s food allergies.

When it came back incorrect time and time again, Corden stated, “In the heat of the moment, I responded with sarcasm and rudeness to her suggestion that I cook it myself. It is a remark that I feel terrible about making. I am aware of the challenges that come with working in the service industry. I spent many years working various shifts at restaurants.”

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