Tom Baker, an artist from the United Kingdom, is renowned all over the globe because to his odd hobby, which contributed to his success. Tom is the only guy left who uses a can of artificial snow and various brushes to paint incredible murals on the windows of the building.

Naturally, the world won’t always be able to enjoy his works of art. Because each of the artist’s brushstrokes is so fine and airy, it gives the impression that these landscapes were painted by mother nature herself.

The author’s most significant contribution is a breathtaking painting of snow that the artist decided to create on the window of one of the children’s hospitals in the Berkshire region (UK). This masterpiece was the result of many hours of labor by the artist.

Everyone who worked at the hospital and visited there was taken aback by what they saw!

Baker now receives orders from individuals and companies in addition to requests from friends to hang his paintings in their holiday-decorated windows. The popularity of Baker’s paintings has resulted in both of these types of requests. Observing Tom create something lovely out of nothing is a never-ending source of entertainment. Because of the author’s exceptional taste and creative skill, each of the author’s works has a personality of its own.

The following is a selection of the many types of artwork that may be seen exhibited in the windows of UK government buildings:

An extraordinary impression is made in the space once a warm street light is switched on outside of it. These are quite fantastic inventions that have the ability to mesmerize everyone.

In addition to demonstrating the magnificent beauty of his works, the artist was also able to take the audience into a fairy tale, which is something that is desperately desired on the eve of the holidays that are quickly coming!

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