It’s possible that you recognize Christina Applegate from one of her numerous appearances in films and television shows. Nevertheless, overcoming cancer, which she was diagnosed with at the pinnacle of her career in the year 2008, is perhaps her most remarkable accomplishment.

After a protracted period of struggle, Christina was ultimately victorious against the illness. However, she did not accomplish this feat on her own. Throughout the ordeal, she was supported by her loved ones, both friends and family. One specific individual emerged as her pillar of support.

When the actress was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, she had just recently started dating Martyn LeNoble, a friend of hers for the previous 13 years. Christina was terrified after hearing the news since she had seen her mother fight the same sickness. The news startled Christina.

Christina said that despite the fact that it was challenging for her, she tried her best to embrace all of the changes occurring in her life and accept the fact that her physical characteristics were changing. She added that she pretended to be happy for everyone around her, but Martyn was a big help in making that possible. She said:

“He gave me something to truly want to live for and something to smile about,” I said. “He gave me something to really want to live for.”

Throughout the course of her sickness, Christina often expressed her gratitude that Martyn was there at her side. In the end, she was able to battle cancer with Martyn by her side in August 2008, the same year that she was diagnosed with the disease.

How did Christina end up in the position of Stepmother, Stepwife, and Mother?

After Christina was given the all-clear from her illness, she began a relationship with Martyn, and the pair dated for two years before getting engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2010. Both Martyn and Christina were entering into their second marriages with this union.

After an additional three years, in February of 2013, Christina and Martyn tied the wedding and officially became man and wife. They already had a daughter, who was two years old when they were married, when they had one by that time. At the ceremony, which took place at their home in Los Angeles, only very close friends and family members were present.

Maria Lucia Hohan was the one who designed Christina’s dress, and Neil Lane was the one who created the couple’s rings. Martyn joined the family with a kid from a previous marriage in addition to the daughter that he and Sadie Grace already had together, Sadie Grace.

Marlon is Martyn’s biological son from a previous marriage that he had. Before she and Martyn had Sadie Grace, Christina did not have any children of her own; yet, she is an attentive and loving mother and stepmother to both Sadie Grace and Marlon.

During the month of August 2021, Christina made the announcement to her followers on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a condition that damages the protective layer that surrounds the nerves. She added that she felt supported by other people who were going through the same struggle as her.

After a little over a year had passed, in October 2022, Christina once again turned to Twitter to make the announcement that she was going to be making her first public appearance since being diagnosed with MS. She then displayed several walking sticks that she planned to make use of in order to assist her in moving about.

She was originally able to walk with the use of a cane; but, as time went on, she found that it became more difficult for her body to remain mobile for extended periods of time or in conditions of severe warmth without being exhausted. Since then, she has started getting about using a wheelchair.

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