Jamie Lee Curtis has been a well-known leading woman in Hollywood ever since she made her debut in the horror picture “Halloween” in 1978. The film was her first role in the film industry. In addition, she is a member of the royal family of Hollywood since both of her parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, were huge performers during the Golden Age of Hollywood. During the course of her career, Curtis has been honored with a number of accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But even apart from her successful professional career, she has also had good fortune in her personal life. The actress is married to the filmmaker Christopher Guest, and the couple has two adopted daughters together. Annie and Ruby are both transgender, and they came out to their parents before they were adopted. Curtis disclosed this information in the August/September 2021 edition of AARP Magazine, and she said that before to making the announcement, she had gotten permission from Ruby.

In addition, the magazine said that Ruby intended to wed her fiancé in 2022, and that Curtis intended to preside over the ceremony; both of these plans were ultimately carried out. Ruby works as a game designer, and Annie is a dance teacher; both of Curtis and Guest’s daughters have chosen not to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Curtis and Guest have been married for more than 35 years, making theirs a marriage that will live on in history. Both of their lives have been filled with a lot of fascinating experiences. They have shown that they are in it for the long haul, but Curtis has said in a number of interviews that it isn’t always easy for him to do what he does. In point of fact, she summed up the secret to the couple’s successful marriage in just two words: “don’t leave.” Her straightforward advice on how to keep the spark alive in a marriage may not have a romantic ring to it, but it is undeniably effective.

Over thirty years ago, when Curtis was just 25 years old, she was reading Rolling Stone magazine and came across a picture of Guest, which she subsequently wrote about in O magazine. This was the moment that sparked the beginning of the couple’s relationship. Curtis informed her companion that she would marry that guy while pointing to his portrait in a feature article about his film “This Is Spinal Tap.” The article was about the actor’s career.

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. The actress initiated the conversation by calling Guest’s agency and leaving her information, but she did not get a response. In the year 2021, she said to Hello!

“Putting oneself in the way of love is something one should do, in my opinion. Look, I tried to get in touch with his representative. I left my number. I should mention that he did not call me.”

However, not long after that, they stumbled into one other at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and things began to move forward from that point on. In an article by O Magazine, Curtis stated:

“After taking a seat at Hugo’s, I looked up and saw that I was gazing directly at Chris, who was seated three tables away. He seemed to be indicating to me via his wave that “I’m the man you called.” I responded by waving and said, “I’m the lady who phoned you.” After a few minutes had passed, he stood up and prepared to go. At a distance of twenty feet, he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand as if to say, “I’ll see ya,” and then continued to stand there. As he walked away, I glanced down at the food on my plate.”

Thankfully, Guest phoned her at that moment, and a few days later, the two of them went on their very first date together. They started dating the next month, and before the end of that month, he had popped the question. After going on their first date little over four months earlier, the pair eventually got married on December 18, 1984. It was obvious that they had always known that they were meant to be together. After over 40 years of being together, the Hollywood couple has managed to keep their love strong despite the ups and downs that come with being famous.

In a feature for the August/September 2021 edition of AARP, Curtis discussed her relationship with Guest, with whom she shares the daughters Ruby and Annie. Speaking of love and change, Curtis also discussed the transitions that love has brought about in her life. As she clarified in an interview that she gave in 2015, the pair tied the knot exactly five months after she first saw a picture of Guest in a publication.

After seeing Chris’s photo in Rolling Stone for five months, I decided to propose to him and get married. “Oh, I’m going to marry that man,” I said to my friend, the late and wonderful Debra Hill, who is now deceased. During an interview with the magazine Interview, Curtis discussed the following with Sigourney Weaver:

“It was a photograph of Chris hanging out with Michael McKean and Harry Shearer from ‘Spinal Tap,’ but they were just being themselves in the photo. Oh, I know him, and he works for your agency, Debra said. “He’s a good guy.” I made many attempts to cast him in a film. Consequently, I contacted the agent and left my number, but Chris did not call me back. And then I saw him at the restaurant,” she said.

She elaborated on the fact that her capacity for love has not diminished as she moves into her senior years in an interview she gave to AARP. Even further, she goes so far as to characterize herself as “a profound, serious romantic.”

And considering the fact that Curtis penned Guest a song for their 35th wedding anniversary with the endearing words “I feel comfortable when I pull up and see that you are home,” it seems as if these two are really in love with one another. It demonstrates that Curtis and Guest have a unique and lovely relationship that is not something that can be seen very frequently in the Hollywood industry.

During an interview with Today in 2015, Curtis shared some wonderful advice on how to have a marriage that lasts a long time. She said:

“Don’t get divorced. It’s a really interesting topic to look into. If I were to write a book on marriage, the title would be “Don’t Leave.”

According to The Guardian, Guest had a very interesting upbringing due to the fact that he was born to an aristocratic English father who worked as an editorial director for the United Nations. As a result of his mother’s position as a senior executive at CBS, Christopher Guest spent his childhood in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of this, he gained knowledge about a wide variety of foreign civilizations. In addition to that, Guest is the current holder of a very intriguing title. He said to The Guardian as follows:

“You call me a baron. I’m Lord Haden-Guest. And you’re right, that does make for a change. Obviously due to the fact that I was born into it. And then your dad passes away, and you find out that you’re next in line.”

Despite this, Guest added that serving in the House of Lords was not at all like what the average person would imagine it to be. He said that the majority of these individuals lacked financial resources. “They did not have the manor residences in the country. They were typical members of society who had typical occupations. They contributed their knowledge and experience while being quite knowledgeable.

Although they are considered to be “opposites,” Guest and Curtis have both individually had interesting lives, which makes it easy to see why they complement one another so well in their professional relationship. Curtis discussed this topic with AARP, and she explained as follows:

“That’s the secret to a happy marriage. The knowledge that his vehicle is in the garage, that I am not alone, and that he is there provides a sense of security.”

According to what Guest told The Guardian, the couple even has a nicely framed copy of the Rolling Stone image hanging in their home as a tribute to their early days together. In an article by O Magazine, Curtis stated:

“My life with Chris is amazing, but it’s also complex and not ideal. And a marriage that is extremely genuine. When I first saw his image, for some reason I had the impression that we could communicate well with one another. I believe there was a little joke tucked away in that smile, and that only I was in on it.”

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