There are some fan events that are quite calm, others that are really crazy, and even some that you may think to be a little bit strange. But matter the event’s atmosphere, meeting your favorite star is an incredible experience!

When you hear the phrase “crowd surfing,” your mind most likely immediately goes to images of rowdy crowds. Typically, it occurs at rowdy concerts, such punk or rock shows, although it may also happen at other types of shows. In this particular case, The Rock participated in a one-of-a-kind crowd surfing event.

The fact that the “crowd surfer,” a beautiful baby girl covered in a pink blanket, is in reality the father of the “owner” may prompt some individuals to question the veracity of this information.

The Rock was on a promotional tour for one of his most recent films when the incident took place in Mexico, and he was there at the time. After briefly crowd-surfing, The Rock uploaded a video that showed the moment when the baby girl, Luciana, was carefully handed to him after being passed through the audience.

On TikTok, the short video has been seen around 19 million times, while on Instagram, it has been viewed 40 million times. The Rock claims in his article that he was not surprised when the child was handed to him since the father had already captured his attention before the crowd surfing took place. This is because The Rock was crowd surfing at the time the infant was delivered to him.

Her father “caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes when he held her up high and indicated for me to hold her,” the guy alleged. “When he raised her up high and beckoned for me to hold her.” According to what he said, he thought the father was only carrying a doll as a gift for the youngster. He voiced this belief.

Both platforms have separate sections for users to leave comments. Both those who felt the movie was just amazing and beneficial for them and others who were concerned for the baby’s well-being are natural outcomes of the same phenomenon.

One commenter expressed their understanding by saying, “I get that, but it had to be horrific and harmful for the infant.” When the father finally returns home, he is going to have a lot of things to clarify for his family.

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