Owosso, Michigan is home to a Habitat for Humanity Restore that resident Howard Kirby of Michigan visited in order to purchase a sofa for his man cave. He spent seventy dollars for an antique sofa with a rustic look and an ottoman that matched it. Both pieces still had some use remaining in them. He had no idea that the antique furniture came with a surprise bonus item included in the package.

The cushion was unzipped by Kirby’s daughter after she voiced her dissatisfaction with the ottoman’s awkwardly curved and unpleasant design. The lady reached under the padding and gradually extracted banded stacks of one hundred dollar notes, one after the other. According to Fox News, when the two people totaled up the sum of the stacks, they counted a total of $43,170.

Kirby explained to the radio station what happened next by holding out a bunch of cash and said, “That’s when she began bringing out this.” “Every once in a while, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not seeing things or anything,” she said.

Kirby has gone through a lot of trouble in his life. Within the span of a single year, he through a heartbreaking divorce, saw the passing of a beloved relative to cancer, and made it through the ordeal of having a tumor detected in one of his kidneys. After he was laid off, he even had his son move in with him at the house they shared. According to MLive, he thought about all of the many ways he might put the money to use, such as purchasing a new roof for his modest house or paying off his medical bills. After that, he had a feeling of guilt.

He said, “At that same moment, the Holy Spirit descended upon me and said, ‘No, it’s truly not yours.'”

Despite the fact that an attorney had advised him that he could legally retain the cash, Kirby was aware that doing so would be unethical. Instead, he called the number of the thrift shop and requested that the employees investigate the source of the couch’s donation.

The business was able to track down Kim Fauth-Newberry, the donor of the furniture; she had given the store a sofa that had belonged to her late grandpa. The lady was taken aback since she had no prior knowledge that the money was hidden in the ottoman. Kirby reunited himself with the family and gave the money to the people who were legally entitled to it.

Kirby explained his actions by saying, “Being a born-again Christian, Christ in me is the one who truly handed the money back.” “WWJD, do you remember the bracelets?” “That’s exactly what Jesus would do in that situation.”

Despite the fact that Kirby was comfortable in the knowledge that he had behaved ethically, he was nevertheless forced to deal with his own financial challenges. Unbelievably, he got a phone call just a few days after giving back the money. Kirby was informed by John Conversa of Eikenhout Building Supplies that the firm was going to fix his roof at no cost to him by donating supplies and paying for a contractor.

In addition, a kind Samaritan established a Go Fund Me account for the purpose of assisting Kirby with his financial difficulties and was successful in raising $16,000 for the elderly man who is having difficulty making ends meet. Kirby claims that he would do it all over again in an instant if given the chance, regardless of the support he receives.

“Because I did it, I have had so much peace, so much pleasure, and $43,000 could never purchase that much joy, serenity, or happiness,” Kirby said. “I have had so much peace, so much joy because I did it.”

Regarding the encouragement and financial contributions he got, Kirby says he feels “fortunate beyond words” and that he had no idea such a large reaction was coming his way.
Kirby expressed their gratitude by stating, “There is so much thanks, it often boggles my mind what is occurring for me.” “I can’t get over how incredible it is.”

The kind support of others has allowed Howard Kirby to get back on his feet and resume his life. He is no longer concerned about the condition of his roof, and in addition to providing assistance to his own family, he is also continuing to make repairs to the home.

Kirby is live evidence that there are still individuals in our world who prioritize the requirements of others before their own need. Not only did he demonstrate love and generosity to others by returning the money, but he also set an example for others to follow by doing the right thing.

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