The 50th birthday of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s children, who are twins, is being celebrated.

Both Harper Grace and Gideon Scott reached the milestone age of 12 on Wednesday, the day that marks the unique occasion when children turn the age that corresponds to the day of their birth (Oct. 12).

The star of Uncoupled, who is 49 years old, reflected in a touching comment on Instagram on the significant life event that occurred when he posted adorable photographs of himself cuddling each of his children.

“Today, I turn the age of twelve. Both Harper and Gideon are, without a doubt, the most wonderful things that have ever occurred in my life “he had written. They invigorate me, make me laugh, give me permission to be a less-than-perfect parent, and fill me with a level of love I had never idea was possible to feel.

The former cast member of “How I Met Your Mother” said that being a father is “the most continually tough thing David and I have ever done,” but he emphasized that the sacrifices made for his children are “absolutely, completely worthwhile.”

“They are very fantastic. They are my offspring of mine. He went on to say that “they are my world,” and that he was “very proud of who they have become, of who they are becoming, and am just so glad to have them in my life.”

Burtka, who is 47 years old, published a photograph of the twins standing together on his Instagram page. Gideon chooses to wear a white t-shirt with black happy face paint on it, along with a pair of jeans. Harper, on the other hand, opts for a style that is effortlessly stylish by donning black jeans, a bright teal t-shirt, and a black leather jacket.

“These amazing children are celebrating their SILVER birthday today! I just can’t get over how quickly everything has transpired! “The author was the cook. “You make me so pleased with how mature and responsible you are becoming.”

“You are kind, thoughtful, and sympathetic, as well as creative and possessing a wonderful sense of humor. I am honored to be your father, and I can’t wait to see the changes that take place over the following 12 years “He proceeded further.

“I couldn’t ask for better kids! #goldenbirthday#12on12”

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