Think back to the year 2019, when Katie Holmes’s Khaite cashmere “Bradigan” set caused a traffic jam in New York City. That event solidified her position as a knitwear influencer, and ever since then, she’s been responsible for numerous chic and comfortable outfits in Manhattan. Gigi Hadid has followed in the footsteps of Katie Holmes by making cozy knits a regular in her wardrobe. In fact, she has made such a commitment to this trend that she has started her own company called Guest in Residence, which focuses on cashmere jumpers and other basic items.

The supermodel has a fondness for layering, and she isn’t hesitant to experiment with putting together unconventional color palettes. Take, for example, the ensemble she wore on October 10: she enjoyed the fall weather while wearing brown pants and a mint green sweatshirt, with the collar of her colorfully patterned sweater peeking through.

In addition to knits that are certain to put a smile on your face, Hadid’s company offers utilitarian essentials in muted tones of gray and brown. Her go-to item is the Everywear cardigan, and she likes the almond-toned version since it is very adaptable. Gigi Hadid has shown several times that the Everywear cardigan can be worn in a variety of different ways, including draping it across the shoulders, pairing it with a crop top and trousers, or wearing it as a base layer under a jacket.

The fundamental items in Hadid’s collection are inspired by the cashmere sweaters that belonged to her parents. The model packed up some of her parents’ cashmere knits to bring with her when she relocated from sunny Los Angeles to New York almost ten years ago. In an earlier interview with Vogue, she said that “they were the only cashmere items I possessed for a long time.” “I am still in possession of them.”

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