During the course of an Adele concert special, Quentin Brunson and Ashleigh Mann said yes to being together forever. The couple’s wedding was yet another momentous occasion, and the singer’s music was a significant part of that day as well.

The wedding took place on Monday at Hotel Indigo in Los Angeles, in the presence of the couple’s family and friends. However, before the pair said “I do,” Mann went down the aisle to the song “Make You Feel My Love,” which was also the song that Adele sang to them after they got engaged.

The only people in the room who knew about the surprise were the happy couple, her mother, and of course, the band. It was an emotional moment for all of those involved.

Ashleigh, who is 34 years old, said with People that “now, literally simply thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.” “Every time I hear the song, it makes me want to weep.”

Prior to the release of Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, a concert special was produced and shown on CBS last year in November. The event was taped in Los Angeles. The proposal made by Quentin was an event that absolutely nobody, even Ashleigh, had any inkling that would happen.

“Can I just have complete and total silence from all of you, please?” Adele made a statement to the illustrious audience, which featured Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, and Drake, amongst others.

As Quentin escorted Ashleigh, who had her eyes and ears totally covered, to the platform, the crowd fell silent. Ashleigh was wearing a mask. At first, she was clueless about what was going on, and by the time she understood that he was proposing, she had already begun to notice that they weren’t the only people in the room.

“Now it’s hard for me to concentrate on what I’m doing. First of all, the fact that you’re going to propose to me is already a Christmas miracle in and of itself. Second of all, why is Lizzo even here in the first place?” She can now remember thinking.

It wasn’t until after she said yes that Ashleigh even noticed Adele; she then congratulated them before beginning the unique version of “Make You Feel My Love.” There was a lot going on, so Ashleigh didn’t even see Adele until after she said yes.

The singer laughed about it at the moment and added, “Thank God she said yes.” Because I didn’t know to whom I would have to perform this song next, “Cause I didn’t Know Who You Were.”

Quentin, an actor of 32 years old and a music producer, was introduced to Ashleigh, who is a vegan chef and content developer, over a decade ago.

When she initially arrived in Los Angeles, she had a buddy of his from college who lived next door to her. As she explains it, “literally” next door.

A couple of weeks to a month and a half later, Quentin arrived in town for the weekend. Then, after a further couple of months had passed, she bumped into him when he was at the pool and discovered that he had just moved in.

It didn’t take long for the two to begin “seeing one other a little bit,” but according to Quentin, the relationship didn’t get serious until “maybe a year or two in.”

“I was ducking and dodging every now and again,” he says, adding that even during “days of difficulty or various disputes,” they “kept coming back together.”

The pair had been together for seven years when they finally decided to get engaged.

Ashleigh is quoted as saying, “I honestly expected that we would simply go to the courtroom one day.” “I honestly had given up any notions of really putting together a formal proposal.”

She continues by saying, “It might have been in the supermarket for me.” “I was willing to settle for anything and anywhere.”

She had no idea, of course, that Quentin was planning something sneaky behind her back.

“I was just sitting on the couch, scrolling through the internet, and I saw a post about someone who was looking for someone who wanted to propose to their girlfriend in a huge romantic way,” he recalls. “I was just looking for someone who wanted to propose to their girlfriend in a way that would blow her mind.”

And despite the fact that he was questioned at one time about Ashleigh’s favorite musicians, of whom Adele was, of course, one, he was unaware of the event until only a few days before it took place. “I believed it was going to be a game involving the Lakers,” he recalls.

Fortunately, as he was covertly plotting to pop the question, Ashleigh’s attention was diverted to a significant catering event.

In light of this, she “had zero concepts” of what was going on when Quentin got her to leave work early for a “surprise date” in Griffith Park. Even the fact that Quentin did not consume anything throughout their picnic did not serve as a red flag for her.

Ashleigh remembers thinking, “Oh my God, this is the nicest date ever,” as a vehicle pulled up for them to meet.

The next step was to place the blindfold on your eyes.

Ashleigh had been blindfolded for almost twenty minutes by the time Quentin opened her eyes while she was performing, during which time she did manage to catch a few winks. As a result, when she first opened her eyes, she was unable to make out anything in the room.

According to Quentin, “When I first began, I needed to keep urging her to simply believe me.”

After a few weeks had passed since the emotionally charged encounter, the couple was given the opportunity to relive it once again when the special was shown on television.

“I sobbed my eyes out,” Ashleigh confesses.

And it wasn’t long before the couple started receiving well-wishes from family members, friends they hadn’t seen in years, total strangers, and even Wayne Brady.

Some aspects of the wedding preparation were difficult at times, but other aspects, like deciding to be married on October 10th, simply came into place.

“Everyone couldn’t stop talking about the proposal and how ridiculously extravagant it was. And of course, I give it a perfect score of 10 out of 10 “she continues. “October was also the month that we got engaged. We got engaged on 10/24. So it all made sense.”

In addition, holding the ceremony on a national holiday ensured that “everyone already had work off” on that day.

The bride chose to wear two different creations by Justin Alexander for her wedding day. The first was a stunning crepe dress with a low back and a monarch lace edge veil, and the second was a shimmering gown with crystal spaghetti straps and draped off-the-shoulder crystals. Both dresses were customized specifically for the bride.

Justin Warshaw, CEO and Creative Director of Justin Alexander, told PEOPLE that “the Justin Alexander team was inspired by Ashleigh’s engagement.” He added that the bride “fell in love with two amazing gown options.”

“She will be wearing one design for the ceremony, and another showstopper for the celebration,” he continues. “The ceremony will be formal, but the afterward will be more casual.” “Slight adjustments were made to both designs in order to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized wedding appearance for our ideal customer!”

During Ashleigh’s fitting, when she was changing into her ceremony dress, the song “Make You Feel My Love” started playing, which added an extra layer of sentimental significance to the occasion. She goes on to say that “everything is simply always meant to be.”

The exquisite jewelry that she wore on her special day came from Verstolo, while Charde Thompson and Vanity Peou were the artists responsible for her hair and makeup, respectively.

The ceremony itself was a family affair, with Quentin’s father acting as their officiant — “I never saw it any other way,” says the ecstatic husband — and Ashleigh’s brothers escorting her down the aisle. “I never saw it any other way,” adds the joyful groom.

During the whole party, they were also shooting for their next reality show, which has been Quentin’s lifelong dream and a project he has been working on with great enthusiasm.

Even though their wedding may not have been attended by as many celebrities as their engagement did, Ashleigh is certain that their celebration will be the most memorable one ever.

“That was a thirty-second flash,” she reflects on the experience.

She continues by saying that this time, “you’re getting all of us.” “All indications point to Ash and Q.”

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