Boy Meets World is widely regarded as one of the most popular television shows of the ’90s. Over the course of seven years, viewers watched the show and fell in love with members of the Matthews family, including Cory, Topanga, and Shawn. The program also had a short reincarnation in the shape of Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel, which featured the characters as adults and focused on Cory and Topanga’s children. This revival lasted for just a few seasons.

A recent revelation made by one of the original cast members of the series indicated that nervousness prohibited him from seeking future on-screen employment after the conclusion of the series. During a panel at the 2018 New York Comic Con, Will Friedle, who portrayed the role of Cory Matthews’ elder brother Eric Matthews, reportedly spoke up about his struggle with anxiety. People reported that this took place.

It is odd to consider Will, who played a funny, gregarious, and fun-loving persona, as someone who privately suffered with anxiety because of the role he portrayed on screen. But the same thing that made him decide to move away from acting on film led him to discover another love that has brought him a great deal of success: voice acting. You may be aware of the fact that the actor provided his voice for Ron Stoppable in the animated series Kim Possible, but if not, you should know that he represented another very famous character on Disney Channel.

As the endearing and quirky Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World, Will was able to win over a lot of people’s hearts.

Will began experiencing problems in his early 20s that would eventually cause him to abandon a career in on-screen acting. Despite the fact that he felt at ease playing the character, he never pursued acting professionally.

The actor shared his story about how he started feeling the symptoms of an anxiety illness in his early 20s at a panel discussion that took place at New York Comic Con.

He never lost his passion to work in the profession, despite the fact that he became less comfortable in on-screen roles.

According to an article published by Entertainment Weekly, the actor disclosed to the attendees of the panel that he has been battling anxiety and that voice work has become the finest outlet for his creativity as a result of his struggles.

“He said, “I had plans to perform more work in front of the camera, but then I was struck with these anxiety episodes that stopped me from doing that.” I was overjoyed that I was able to continue acting and performing thanks to voice-over work.”

Will found himself providing the voice of Ron Stoppable on the Disney animated series Kim Possible two years after the conclusion of the Boy Meets World television series.

Since that time, he has built a substantial body of work using his voice. In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, he provided the voice of Bumblebee. In Thundercats, he provided the voice of Lion-O. In Batman Beyond, he provided the voice of Terry McGinnis/Batman.

Will found himself back in front of the camera once again as Eric Matthews with the Boy Meets World remake Girl Meets World. Although voice work has been the majority of what he does, Girl Meets World put him back in front of the camera.

Will noted that one of the reasons he was interested in reprising the role was because he was given the opportunity to do it without any added pressure.

“Michael told me, ‘Come back if you want to come back.’ I told him I wasn’t sure. So, I’ve been gradually getting back into it, and it’s been a lot of fun “he remarked.

Naturally, this does not mean that he is finished with voice acting in any capacity. However, when he hinted at some of the possibilities that the future may bring, one of those possibilities was some new on-camera work.

“Danielle and I are considering doing something together in the not too distant future. We have some exciting things in the works, so stay tuned! “he let it be known.

His on-screen partner from the past said, “We devised an on-camera program that we are presently selling around.”

Will has discussed his anxiousness and how it has affected his job in the past, so this is not the first time he has done so.

The actor said the following in a conversation with Australia’s Celebrity Nine: “Around the age of 23 or 24, I began experiencing symptoms of an anxiety illness very severely. It was one of those events that altered the path that my life would take from that point on, and in many respects, those changes were improvements. I simply couldn’t handle the pressure of being on camera, auditioning, and the other aspects of the entertainment business that are difficult any more.”

It’s fantastic that Will discovered a method to continue working in the business he loves without having to force himself to operate in a setting that makes him feel uneasy or puts him at risk of illness.

We have a sneaking suspicion that we haven’t seen the last of Eric or the rest of the Matthews family just yet, despite the fact that the Girl Meets World television show wasn’t given the opportunity to live up to the expectations of its viewers. If the cast’s participation at Comic Con is any indication, there are still plenty of more tales to tell with these unique characters and their ensemble cast. While this is going on, we are forward to see more of Will’s other future projects!

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