Gymnasts competing at the collegiate level never cease to amaze. Those who see them can’t help but be inspired by the sheer amount of power, talent, and absolute body control it takes to carry off their performances.

They have trained themselves to be able to distort their bodies in ways that were previously considered to be physically impossible.

Due to the wide range of their skills and talents, collegiate gymnastics is divided into four distinct events so that competitors may demonstrate their versatility.

The vault, uneven bars, balancing beams, and floor exercises are all part of this category.

Gymnasts who are vaulting will sprint at full speed down the runway before doing a double handspring and launching themselves off the springboard to gain momentum. Before successfully sticking the landing, the gymnast will often do a tuck, pike, or another technique before coming to a stop.

Exercises using an uneven bar provide an excellent chance to showcase some incredible skills.

When a gymnast travels from the high bar to the low bar and then back up to the high bar, this is considered a flying element.

There are also a variety of grips, including a close bar element and a non-flight turn on the bar, both of which are analogous to turning handstands. It is necessary for the gymnast to include an accurate maneuver into the dismount as well.

As its name implies, balancing beams demand the user to maintain their equilibrium at all times.
Routines on the balancing bar equipment will include stunning leaps and spins, which will always leave spectators astounded. These routines will be done on the balance bar apparatus.

A powerful combination of character dance techniques and mind-blowing gymnastic skills, the floor workout is a highlight of the floor routine.

The likelihood of obtaining a high score increases in proportion to the difficulty of the routine.

Floor routines performed by gymnasts have the potential to tally up a significant number of points for their teams.
The gymnastics team at UCLA is well-known for its ability to create gymnastic routines that include high-scoring gymnastic skills. However, in the year 2020, one specific floor routine performed by 21-year-old Gracie Kramer left the whole audience in a state of awe.

The commentator was instantly caught aback by the “dark” and “foreboding” role that Gracie was portraying as she started her performance.

A shift in the music was accompanied by a broad grin on her face as she prepared to demonstrate her talent.
Gracie starts her routine by wriggling about on the floor. Her body then twists up from a crawling stance into a lunge, which launches her forward and sends her tumbling down the stage as she executes a perfect handspring and twist.

After that, she lands on the ground after doing a high front twist. The crowd is completely captivated.

Watch the video below to see Gracie putting her talents to the test on the mat.

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