According to TMZ, Todrick Hall has been sued for not paying the rent on his Sherman Oaks house and is now in arrears for more than $102,000.

According to TMZ, which cited official records from the case, the choreographer and Celebrity Big Brother star, who is 37 years old, was ordered by a court to pay $100,000 in damages and an extra $2,000 in attorney costs. According to the magazine, Hall’s monthly rent was $30,000, but he was many times overdue on his payments.

The request for a statement from PEOPLE was not immediately met with a response from a representative of Hall.

According to court records acquired by PEOPLE, the YouTuber was accused of owing $60,000 in rent, as was revealed in a previous article published in April. Avi and Orna Lavian, the homeowners, said that their tenant, Mr. Hall, had promised to pay a monthly rent of $30,000 but had allegedly failed to do so in the months of February and March.

After that, on March 3, Hall was allegedly given a three-day notice to either pay or be evicted from the property. According to the notice, Hall “failed to comply” by the d.e.a.d.line to either pay or be removed from the home.

A year ago, Hall disclosed that someone had broken into his house, and TMZ said that the thief took handbags and other personal belongings worth a total of $50,000 from him. Because Hall was away in London at the time of the robbery, it is believed that the burglars shattered a window in his house to obtain access.

“I am fine. This took place immediately after my cat sitter went home for the evening “he said on his Twitter account. “I’m incredibly upset because it’s probable that someone I know and trust is responsible for this, but at least my kitties are safe, and that’s the thing that counts the most to me.”

The residence, which seems to be the same one where Hall briefly housed the cast of CBS’s Big Brother 24 after the season’s August finale, was formerly the subject of a video on YouTube with the title “Bought My Dream House.” Within it, he said that the 8,000 square foot property, which had five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, was something that he “fell in love with.”

The previous year, Hall added to his reality show run when he was announced to be the runner-up on The Masked Singer. On that show, he performed songs such as Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” and Britney Spears’ “Circus” while dressed in his bull costume. In addition, Hall has appeared on other reality shows in the past.

“We grow up and we believe in ourselves so much as little kids, and then somewhere along the line, the world starts to pick you apart, and they start to make you realize the things about you that are different,” Hall, who is 36 years old, said. “I would just say that we grow up and we believe in ourselves so much as little kids.” “Consequently, I believe that wearing this costume provided me the confidence that I needed, and I cherished my time spent performing on the stage. It was always such a good time.”

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