Jodie Turner-Smith can’t wait for her husband, Joshua Jackson, to take their daughter on a trip down memory lane with her.

The British actress and model, who is 36 years old, told People that she can’t wait to see one of her husband’s first movies with their daughter Janie, who is 2 years old and is the couple’s first child together. Their kid was born in 2020, only a few short months after it was announced by PEOPLE in December 2019 that the couple had sealed the knot.

“Mighty Ducks is absolutely going to be the game that we play for her. I just cannot wait, “During their interview with PEOPLE, Smith and Jackson discussed their connection with Motorola and the #TheCallThatStartedItAll campaign that the company was doing. “However, not just yet. I’d like it if she were a little bit older than she is now. There are more topics relevant to older children in that.”

She continues with a giggle as she says, “Also, we have to figure out how strange it is going to be for her to see her dad when he was a youngster.”

was a film that came out in 1992 and featured Emilio Estevez in the role of Coach Gordon Bombay. The film also featured Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Josef Sommer, Jackson, and Elden Henson. The original hockey movie generated not one, but two sequels, D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) and D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996), as well as an animated television series.

“The number of times people approach him and say something along the lines of “Mighty Ducks completely altered my life” or “It’s so significant to me” is adorable. It is the most adorable thing ever, “Smith is astounded.

Jackson, for his part, recalls the phone call in which he was informed that he had been cast in The Mighty Ducks as vividly as if it had occurred only yesterday.

He says, “I remember I was at my high school fundraiser when I received the call for The Mighty Ducks, and I understood just how significant it was,” and he went on to say that he “knew exactly how essential that was.” “And I was attempting to fix a hole on my mom’s roof in Vancouver when I received the call for Dawson’s Creek, and it was a fairly crucial call too,” Dawson said in the interview.

Now that they have a family, Jackson, and Smith state that they are “choosing” to do more things together as a unit, such as working together to promote Motorola’s legendary Razr phone. This decision was made with the family in mind.

“It’s something that we’re keeping an eye on right now. It is a significant advantage, “according to Smith.

Adds Jackson, “Being husband and wife and parents is probably the most incredible cooperation you could ever hope for in your life,” one of us said. “We have probably the most amazing partnership you could ever possibly dream for in your life.”

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