In addition to this, he performs an excellent job, which is quite endearing.

Mona Monahan, who lives in Waterford, Ireland, is at her most confident self when she has her hair done and is wearing cosmetics.

However, her eyesight was fading and it seemed likely that she would soon have none at all.

Des Monahan, on the other hand, wanted to do all in his power to ensure that his wife, regardless of whether or not she was able to see her own beauty, always felt like a beautiful woman.

Because of this, he took the choice to study her method of applying makeup so that he could carry on the daily routine that had enabled her to continue to feel like herself during their more than 50 years of marriage.

Des provided an explanation, saying, “I felt the sooner I learnt the better since Mona’s vision is fading and she won’t be able to apply her cosmetics in the future.”

He did more than just glance through a few videos on YouTube. Des signed up for a couple classes at the Debenhams department store that was nearby.

A makeup professional by the name of Rosie O’Driscoll visited with the elderly couple and showed Des’ wife how to properly apply makeup during their session together.

“When we walked to the Benefit counter, I just picked up the brushes and began asking Rosie to do her makeup for me,” she said. Des said that they pay Rosie a daily visit so that he may pick up any more pointers that she may have, and that she has been a wonderful companion to them.

O’Driscoll is someone who both of them now consider to be a friend, and not only because they take makeup lessons together. O’Driscoll is known to have his tea breaks at the Monahans’ home on a regular basis.

“They are such a cute pair, and Des delighted in picking up some useful pointers for Mona straight immediately. According to O’Driscoll, he felt compelled to provide Mona any assistance he could muster since it was obvious that she was gradually losing her vision.

Due to the fact that I work in the cosmetics industry, I am aware that putting on makeup every morning is not only beneficial to one’s self-esteem but also a pleasurable activity. When they approach the Benefit counter, we can’t help but burst out laughing, but our camaraderie goes beyond the confines of Debenhams as well.

Des is now capable of applying eyeliner, lipstick, and bronzer with complete assurance in order to adorn her whole face.

He is well-versed in the appropriate brushes to use as well as the positioning of each application.

Mona observed that Des wears lipsticks and eyeliners that she could never see herself using herself. Because of Des, I no longer have the ability to differentiate between the many shades of color, but I do have the assurance that my makeup will always look fantastic.

Des asserts that he is now at a point where he is so proficient at applying cosmetics that he could perhaps teach others how to do it.

He is becoming aware of a great deal of recent knowledge. You can’t point out to him that there are occasions when he employs a little bit more force than necessary. O’ Driscoll said that he has the impression that he is aware of everything.

Des is not content to just go on with the new routine; rather, he is attempting a variety of different appearances as well.

Additionally, he has a preference for the usage of certain instruments and goods.

O’Driscoll made the observation, “He seems to be obsessed with the brows. He no longer uses pens and instead uses pencils. He likes the way Mona appears while she is using the pencil.

“The story of Des and Mona proves that new skills can always be learnt, regardless of your age or gender,” Des said in a statement.

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